Standing as one of the most accomplished singers in the world today, Wayne Coyne is the man with the talent at this era. Coyne is known to have set a milestone that only few can get their hands on. He stands as one of the best in the business with spectacular skills as well as elegance and dedication towards his work. Not only in the singing world has he set his foot on but on other field like acting, music and that one thing gave him his top spot, his band, The Flaming Lips. Born on the 13th of January, 1961 in the heart of USA, he was said to have been very mischievous during his childhood days most of which he spent in London where he was asked to take singing classes for about 10 years and that hard work could not disappoint him. Coyne's singing skills were there to stay when he was able to grasp the most prestigious title of the 'Singing Star'which later helped him join the band.

Coyne has been in the hearts of his fans for over a decade and still does not fail to impress them and his loving supporters. His ever-known famous breakthrough as a musician came in the theatre named West End of Pittsburgh where he was performing for the one majestically great Musical Braganza which he still considers the golden touch of his career. Coyne's work was so critically acclaimed that he got to tour and at the same time perform on the tour in the year 2006. He was soon after nominated for the most desired new comer's title one by one and did have his hands on them. Once he took that opportunity then there was no stopping him and here he is now as the most accomplished musical artist of this era. He then took a step onto the roles of the Television show which once again was a super hit as both his fans as well as his critics were awe-struck with his performance.

Wayne Coyne has the net-worth under review and he is one of the successful people in the singing industry that can still amuse yet feel good about his majestic skills.