The release date of Venom is less than seven months away, and it’s latest official teaser has just been released.

How well do you know about the character? 

Here are 10 facts about venom and the movie that you have to know before watching it.

10. Symbiotes Are Not Actually Evil

Usually, Symbiote gives off an emotional amplification to their host, which mostly causes the Symbiote and the host to corrupt.

If the Symbiote finds the right host, it can obtain perfect symbiosis, turning the host into a noble warrior.

9. Venom is a Nice Guy

Though it seems that most Symbiotes are evil and corrupted, Venom, on the other hand, was banished for being too nice.

The Venom Symbiote believed it was better to bond with the host and create a symbiotic relationship with its host.

8. Venom’s voice actor

The 1994 ‘Spider-Man: Animated Series’ is one of the best adaptations of Venom of all time. 

The person who voiced Venom in the movie is none other than Simpson’s voice actor, Hank Azaria.

He set the standard for how the wall-crawler should sound.

7. Venom loves Chocolates

To be more scientific, it loves phenethylamine that is found in chocolates. It is a hormone that elevates mood and increases focus.

Eddie Brock, Venom’s host, found out that he could set aside Venom’s crave to eat people by feeding on huge amount of chocolates.

6. Symbiotic Relationship

The host is able to control the emotions and will of the Symbiote based on the host’s thoughts and feelings.

The Venom symbiote has experienced radical changes to its psyche and it seems to like Flash Thompson.

5. Vulture was replaced by Venom in SpiderMan 3

Spider-Man 3 director, Sam Raimi had actually intended to make Vulture the secondary villain and not Venom.

He never connected with Venom’s lack of humanity and saw no appeal in a darker Spider-Man, but producer Avi Arad forced him to use Venom.

4. Venom is a Guardian of the Galaxy

Taking on the name, Agent Venom, Peter Parker’s old bully Flash Thompson uses the suit to complete government missions.

He eventually joins the Guardians of the Galaxy and sometimes when he loses control to Symbiote, he gains wings. 

3. Venom’s First Host

Many think that Venom’s first host was Peter Parker, but actually, it was Deadpool.

In the 1984 Secret Secret Wars series, it was revealed that Deadpool had come in contact with Symbiote.

2. Venom was originally supposed to be a girl

Originally, a pregnant woman, who loses her husband and unborn child, was supposed to be Venom. 

She would lose everything including her sanity due to a taxi driver who was distracted by Spider Man and would soon start hating Spidey.

However, Marvel editor Jim Salicrup didn’t think she would be a credible threat, so Eddie Brock’s ex-wife, Ann Weying became the first female host.

1.Marvel bought Venom for $220

Randy Schueller, a comic book fan from Illinois was the person who came up with the idea for venom.

Basically, it was an idea for a Spiderman black costume made up of molecules that enhanced his power.

Jim Shooter, the editor in chief of Marvel of the time, sent him a letter of interest and later bought it for $220.