Vegas Rat Rods’ is an American reality TV series which premiered on April 17, 2014, on the DiscoveryChannel.

The show which followed the activities of the car customization shop, Welder Up, in Paradise, Nevada.

Here are 5 facts about the show that you probably didn’t know

Steve’s very first build

Steve Darnell, the owner of Welder Up, grew up in Billings, Montana and was a wrestler at Skyview High School.

His wrestling coach, Rich Malia, saw his talent for automotive work and asked him to build a bike for his daughter.

Impressed by the results, Malia encouraged him to enter an automotive trades program.

Steve Darnell’s favorite projects

The Destroyer, which Steve built in honor of his grandfather was his favorite project. His grandfather served on a destroyer for the US Army in World War II.

His second favorite project is the ‘Quit Your Bitchin’, a Ford Model A with stark interior and large exposed motor.

The show is a part of Discovery Canada

Discovery’s Canadian channel approached Steve with the idea for the reality series, ‘Vegas Rat Rods.’

Because it is a Canadian program, the show has to have a certain amount of Canadian content. That’s one of the reasons why Twiggy appears on the show.

Dave is a barber

Steve’s cousin, Dave who is one of the beloved cast members of the show is a welder and artisan at Welder Up.

Dave also happens to be a barber and owner of a barber shop in Southern Utah.

Steve’s sons are heirs to the shop

Steve’s sons, Chase and Kash, who appear in the show are learning the welding trade and artistry of custom rat rods.

Steve is teaching them the trade and hopes that they take over the shop someday.