Valentina Paloma Pinault’s mother is Salma Hayek. She is the only child of her famous parents. She doesn’t have a Wikipedia page yet, so read on for a short bio on Salma Hayek’s daughter. 

Valentina Paloma Pinault Wiki: bio, age, father & mother

Valentina Paloma Pinault was born on September 21, 2007, in Los Angeles. She is the daughter of actress Salma Hayek and fashion conglomerate Kering’s CEO and Chairman, Francois Henri Pinault. Salma had thought of quitting her acting career after Valentina’s birth but on her husband’s constant encouragement she continued on her career.

Valentina Paloma Pinault and her parents are walking down a street. Valentina is rushing forward whereas her parents walk romantically behind her.

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Valentina is just ten years old yet she has become a popular face for being a star kid. Pinault had been selling slime craft play material that was trending in her school a year ago for two pounds! 

Pinault made those slime crafts all on her own. Salma when suggested the selling was not necessary at all, her father would join in with the investigation; profit & loss calculation. And their mastermind daughter would explain to them that it was all profit for her.

Valentina Paloma Pinault’s net worth 2019

Valentina Paloma Pinault with her parents and sister

Valentina Paloma Pinault is the daughter of billionaire Francois Henri Pinault. She has three half-siblings from her father’s previous marriage. Except for the billions she will be inheriting, according to sources, she holds a net worth of more than $12 million. 

Salma Hayek and Valentina Paloma Pinault are walking hands on hand. Salma is wearing is formal like black sweater and pants and Valentina is wearing pink jacket and black trousers in black boot.