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Valentina Agius

Valentina Agius with her husband Mitch Gaylord

Valentina Agius aka Valentina Gaylord is a Maltese writer, who has a deep passion for music since a very young age. More than a writer, she is known to be the wife of Olympics gold medalist, Mitch Gaylord.

Valentina was born on 3rd January 1970 in Malta Island to parents Edwin and CarmenLena Agius. She has a twin brother, who also reside in the United States. Valentina’s fascination with the music grew up to be a passion, creating a profound effect on her and finally made it her life’s vision. 

In 2005, she wrote, co-composed, co-produced and recorded her first solo album Valentina, Sacred Places. Peter Rafelson and Michael Stearns were the co-producers and Christopher Hoag was the co-composer of the album along with her. 

Inspired by the arts & creation of music worldwide, she created the album. She also cites her passion for unconditional love, which she has found with her husband as a major inspiration in making her childhood dream a reality. 

Moreover, Sacred Places also brought Valentina’s artistic & creative dream to life intertwining more than 120 musical instruments and musicians from around the world. 

Though brought up in Roman Catholic faiths, she converted to Judaism after getting married to Mitch Gaylord in 2005. Her true devotion, love, and gentle & courageous nature might be what helped Mitch overcome the heartache of being separated from his high-school-sweetheart-turned-wife Deborah Driggs. 

Now, the couple is living a romantic fairy tale-like life along with their two children including 2008- born daughter and 2010-born son in Fort Worth, Texas. She is an owner and founder of The Lagree Studio, where her Olympics Champion gymnast husband mentors the fitness enthusiasts. 

Previously, she was in a marital relationship with a man named Douglas L. Schiete from 1993 till 2002. 

Name Valentina Agius
Profession Writer
Gender Female
Birthday January 03, 1970
Age 50 Years Old
Star Sign Capricorn