Prayers up for Braxton and Bolis family! They are mourning a huge loss just a few days before Christmas. Trina Braxton’s ex-husband, Gabe Solis passed away of cancer on Thursday in Texas surrounded by friends and family. He was 43. Trina and Gabe exchanged their wedding vows in 2003 and divorced in 2015 after years of tumultuous relationship. Today, we have listed some unknown facts about Trina and Gabe’s relationship.

1. Broke Braxton Family Rules

Gabe and Trina posing for a picture together. Gabe is wearing a three piece and Trina is wearing a light pink dress

Gabe was once caught virtually cyber cheating and revealing the Braxton family secrets to a female on Twitter. The woman claimed that she had got 10 videos of Gabe taking about the Braxtons and even posted one. In addition to calling his wife a drunk, he also talked about how Vincent Herbert beat Tamar Braxton and much more bad about the family.

2. Verbal Abuse

Gabe and Trina posing for a photo

While appearing in Iyanla: Fix My Life, Gabe opened up about the abusive 12 years long marriage for the first time in front of Trina. He revealed how he tried to resolve his unspoken childhood problems by acting out the same patterns in his relationship, hoping things would be different, but unaware of how to make that happen. With tearful eyes, he said,

“I’m mad and angry for letting you bully me around and push me around. How I experienced you is, mean.  Hurtful, painful. When you became like an enemy to me and it reminded me of my whole life.”

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3. Why did Gabe Married Trina?

Gabe and Trina posing for a photo. Both are warring black attire

Gabe loved Trina and very much enjoyed her company. He could never be open and liked Trina’s outgoing nature.

4. Secret Cancer Battle

gabe with his family

Gabe’s health issues were kept under wraps for years and the news of his demise came as a surprise to many, including the family members. He seemed healthy earlier this month when he shared a photo of having lunch with some family members at a Mexican café in San Antonio.

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5. Amicable Breakup

gabe and trina posing for a picture

Despite their on-again and off-again relationship for years, Gabe and Trina remained close friends. Reportedly, he had also maintained good term with Trina’s son, Caleb. The family clearly seemed to have mended their differences before Gabe passed away.

Rest in Peace, Gabe!


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