A nature lover and a passionate alligator hunter Troy Landry is a family man. Married to his beautiful wife Bernita Landry, (a teacher) for over 30 years, the couple along with their three sons namely Brandon, Jacob, and Chase and four grandchildren reside in Pierre Parte, L.A. in Troy’s dream house.

No much of their pre-marital and post-marital details have been disclosed, nor their wedding date has been revealed. But we can assume that the duo might have been there for one another in every thick and thin throughout the years, so their dream could be fulfilled. Their sons are also following in their father’s footsteps and extending their family business of alligator hunting. Additionally they also occasionally appear in Swamp People.

Troy Landry's family picture featuring his wife Bernit and sons, Brandon, Jacob and Chase at A+E Network's Upfront Event in NYC

The Landry family reside in their luxurious house covering the area of 3 acres situated in Pierre Part, Louisiana. His house truly reflects his love for nature as it is made up from woods and Cypress, which he collected from nearby Swamps through the decades. The veteran alligator hunter said he stored it in a shed for decades before they had enough resources to build his dream house.

Troy Landry with his wife and his sons

Prior to living in the luxury residence, that has now become a tourist destination; the couple along with their three sons lived in a trailer for 30 years

After the long wait, they finally completed building the house with help from Danny Landry, their contractor and Elson Templet, the master carpenter. It took Troy 30 years to build it

Dream house

 “It was a labor of love. I had a dream of one day building a house with cypress from the Atchafalaya Basin swamps and other swamps that surround where we live, so I carefully stored each log that I pulled out of the swamps in a big shed until I could begin the construction of our dream home. When I had enough logs, I gave half of the lumber to the sawmill to have it sawed for me,” said Troy Landry.

Troy Landry's family picture featuring his wife Bernit and sons, Brandon, Jacob and Chase at A+E Network's Upfront Event in NYC

“I’m the one who insisted everything be wood. I can’t stand sheetrock. I insisted that even the ceiling be tongue-and-groove pine,” Continued Bernita. Spacious 30 34 family room not only gave him a place for the kitchen but also for a 12-foot cypress dining table he built. The family room also showcases his 13 white-tailed deer heads.

“Aren’t they beauties?” he asks. “All of them are from around here, as is the 11-foot alligator head on display.” As he stepped out of the room, he shows another kitchen where the Troy Landry’s family holds its gatherings and parties.

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On the house tour, Bernita too shows her bedroom, bathroom and a spacious pantry that would make a housewife proud. The beds are decorated with chenille bedspreads and walls are adorned with old prints. Vintage and antique mirrors can be found in the bathrooms. Their homestead also holds furniture that was passed down through the generations and some collectibles from thrift shops.

Their villa is situated on the banks of Pierre Part Bayou that gives a picturesque view. When asked if alligators visit their porch. “Sure, we see them in the bayou, and sometimes they like to come in the yard and sun themselves. We don’t mind if they just keep their distance” answered Troy.

Troy Landry alongside his sons: Brandon, Jacob and Chase

Thus, if you are planning on visiting the Landry’s luxury residence that has now become a tourist destination, they warn you to watch out for alligators on the way.