Troy Landry saw himself rise from alligator hunter to reality star

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Troy Landry - Info

Name Troy Landry
Profession Reality Star
Gender Male
Birthday June 09, 1960
Age 56 Years Old
Star Sign Capricorn


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Born to parents Duffy Landry and Myrtle Landry, Troy Landry grew up as a part of alligator hunters in Louisiana. Along with him, his three brothers are also alligator hunters and also appear in the History Channels reality show ‘Swamp People’. 

Troy spent a total of 4 decades in alligator hunting business setting a record of 82 catches in 24 hours. For him, hunting alligator is just a part of his life, but for other’s it’s an adventure. In pursuit of capturing that adventure, a media outlet based in New York proposed Troy for making a TV documentary on alligator hunting in Louisiana

Firstly Troy declined their offer of following him for a whole season, before letting them join him for two days. To the relief of Troy, the media persons went off the board after two days of filming Troy and his crew. But they soon returned with a mega offer. 

Upon showing the video, History Channel wanted to make a weekly series rather than a documentary about alligator hunting. Recalling the moment Troy said “They called back and said they wanted to come see me. They told me they wanted to follow me around a whole season and make a weekly show out of it. They said they would pay all my expenses and pay all my help”. 

Troy was still in not ready to accept the offer claiming “only a few hunters and maybe a few fishermen being interested in a show like that”. However, Troy finally accepted the offer after his wife Bernita Landry labelled the offer as “Heaven Sent”. 

The crew filmed their first season in 2009 and premiered it on August 2010. The show earned 3.1 million viewers on its first show and attracted audiences beyond expectation. The show aired for  7 seasons with a total of  131 episodes before the rumours of it being cancelled after its final episode on 8th February 2016 began to appear. Despite the rumours, the show aired the first episode of its 8th season on 16th February 2017.

 The show stormed Troy and his phrase "Shoot em" to the peak of popularity which saw several companies in the US, sell household products bearing his name and his likeness. “ I do nothing. They just send me money. The History Channel don’t get none of that” said the veteran alligator hunter about products being sold under his name. 

Moreover, he was also honoured as Louisiana’s “Man of the Year” in 2012. Apart from popularity, his stint with television has also helped him earn an estimated net worth of around 650 thousand dollars.  

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