Troy Castaneda is an American engineer by his profession. Moreover, Troy is known as his race car driver. He is known as one of the wealthiest engineers in the United States of America. In addition, the actor Troy has collected forty credits in the industry. American Horror Stories and Animal Kingdom are two television series that have helped Troy hype his career.

Keep reading the entire article for further information regarding American Horror Stories actor troy Castaneda’s career, education, early life, networth, and many more. Also, stay tuned for more upcoming news about celebrities’ life and update. Let’s jump right into White River Tales’s Troy Castaneda’s early life without further hold.

The earlier Life style of Troy Castaneda

High Desert star Troy was born on 15 November 1989. Currently, the actor is thirty-two years old, whereas his parents raised him in California in the United States of America. As Troy’s father is also fond of gymnastics, Troy has learned the techniques related to sports.

Troy Castaneda shares his childhood memories with his cousin, brother and grandmother.
Troy Castaneda shares his childhood memories with his cousin, brother, and grandmother. Source: Instagram

The actor is Califonia American with mixed ethnicity. His parents and grandparents are from china, Africa, America, and Russia. Besides that, Troy can speak a different language as he believes in learning and communicating with people in their native language. Besides that, he speaks English as a native language which will be easier for him to communicate fluently.

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Searching for two actors, Troy had an easy childhood. He was the single child of his parents. His parents quickly completed everything and all his demands. In addition, he is the elder grandson of his grandparents, who made him the most pampered child. Troy’s father is a well-established businessman in California, whereas his mother is a professor at the University.

American Horror Stories star’s parents had migrated to the United States to explore and expand their family business. Troy completed his schooling at one of the top schools in the U.S.A. Moreover, he completed his bachelor’s in art and got admission to the athlete’s scholarship.

Troy Castaneda’s Physical Apperance and Height

Animal Kingdom star Troy has a decent height like the average American guy who is the height of six feet and one inch tall. Furthermore, at thirty-two years, troy has well maintained his body. He has a muscular body and coach other during his free time.

Troy holds brownish black hair, which average boys dream of. Moreover, the Carter actor is famous for his pair of brown eyes. Troy has maintained his muscular body, but the measurements are hidden.

Is Troy Castaneda in a relationship?

Westworld star Troy had a lot of friends during his school and college levels. Moreover, Troy’s long-term relationship lasted for three years; however, the couple broke up due to busy schedules and commitments in their going career.

Troy Castaneda was posing for the poster of the television series.
Troy Castaneda was posing for the poster of the television series. Source: Instagram

Troy is very serious when it comes to his family life. Moreover, he keeps doesn’t speak more about his private. Hence, we can find very little information about the stunt person on social media. We have heard that Troy is one of the friendly and romantic actors in the Hollywood entertainment industry.

Saved by the Bell star has enormous fans and friends who support him for progress and motivate him to work hard. He has numerous friends from different fields. Moreover, he keeps his lifestyle hidden, and all his past affairs remain a mystery.


White River Tales actor Troy successfully maintains a gap between his personal and professional life. Moreover, he shares information about his life and new projects through social media. Troy shares his life events and vacations on social media to connect with his audience.

Troy has set some of the features of his social media free, which the audience can easily relate to and connect with. n addition, he frequently replies to the comments shared by his audience on social media. However, Troy’s parents are out of the press and living a happy and peaceful life.

Net Worth of Troy Castaneda

The Last Ship actor Troy has a net worth of $4 million. Castaneda’s career started as a stunt man and actor. However, he is known for his career, i.e., engineer, and then his professional works, i.e., the art of acting.

Troy Castaneda was practicing for his stunts.
Troy Castaneda was practicing for his stunts. source: Instagram

Regarding his parent’s properties, Troy is a single child; by default, he gets all the hand-over business to Troy. His father always shares the events and problems faced in the industry so that Troy will manage the business properly and efficiently in the upcoming days. He owns two luxurious cars and a property leased to other people, whereas he is living with his parents in their bungalow. It is said that the property of Troy lies in the exact tourism route.

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Furthermore, Troy is a part of various television series and movies, such as; American Horror Stories, which has created his stand in Hollywood and impacted his profession and acting career. However, he started acting by appearing in the audience and beginning with minor roles, which helped him take more significant steps in his acting career.

According to IMDB, Troy’s presence in the Hollywood industry are:

  • Party Anxiety
  • Wonder Buffalo
  • The Last Ship
  • Tale of the City
  • Legion
  • Hunters
  • Just Roll with it
  • S.W.A.T.
  • American Horror Stories
  • Saved by the Bell
  • The Rookie
  • Brooklyn Nine-Nine
  • High Desert
  • You People
  • Searching Two
  • Animal Kingdom
  • Better Call Soul

Social Media Presence

Although Castaneda is an essential part of the Hollywood entertainment industry, and he has appeared in over forty credits. However, the actor has not yet received any awards. According to IMDB, he needs to work hard for the nomination in the television series and movies.

In tales of the City, Troy mainly uses his social media accounts to connect with his audience. he uses Instagram, Twitter, and Youtube to connect with his audience. However, he inspires his audience to dream big and explore the world. He has 8974 followers on his Instagram account, whereas he has 699 posts. Troy uses his Instagram accounts to communicate with the young crowd.