Alan Walker: 

Alan Olav Walker is a 20-year-old Norwegian music artist, DJ and record producer. 

He is best known for his 2015 single titled, Faded. 

Deaf Kev:

20-year-old Lukas ‘Deaf Kev’ Usczeck is a German song writer, DJ and producer.

He is famous for his 2015 single Invincible. 


Toms Burkovskis known as Tobu (stylized as 7obu) is a 25-year-old music producer from Latvia.

His track, Hope released through NCS has over 84 million views on YouTube. 


Kelvin ‘Itro’ Rowaan is a Dutch music artist who has been playing electric guitar since 10. 

Later, he spent his time making remixes of other songs and turning into electronic music.

Different Heaven:

Different Heaven is a Spanish music artist who was attracted to music production and graphic design since he was a little. 

He became famous after releasing hits like ‘My Heart’ and ‘Pentakill.’


Friend Mike and Jesse formed this band in 2011 with one goal – to create and play great music. 

The group came together when they realized that they had different skills and complemented each other. 


Jordan Wakefield Leota, better known as Disfigure is an Australian music artist. 

His track, Blank, released on YouTube by NCS has over 100 million views.


Electro-Light is a Scotland-based music artist who specializes in electronic dance music. 

He has over 72K subscribers on YouTube and has major releases on NCS. 

Jim Yosef:

Jim Yosef is a 21-year-old independent music producer from Sweden.

He generally makes melodic house music and also experiments with different genres. 


JPB is a 19-year-old unsigned music artist from Darmstadt, Germany. 

His debut NCS release, ‘High’ has achieved 12.5 million plays on Spotify and 11 million views on YouTube.