Todd Hoffman has recently been the talk of the town after he announced that he is set to leave Gold Rush. Although Todd has become a larger-than-life persona of the show, he recently took the seats in the Gold Rush: Live to announce the departure of Team Hoffman from the new season of the show.

Leaving Gold Rush at the end of the season

Todd Hoffman has been the cast member of Gold Rush since it first premiered in 2010 as Gold Rush: Alaska. He initially led the Team Hoffman alongside his father, Jack Hoffman, and crew members from his hometown, Oregon.

Todd Hoffman is facing straight at the camera. He is wearing a black sweatshirt and a red helmet. He is standing on the mining area.

During the first season of Gold Rush, Todd’s knowledge in gold mining was next to nothing. However, as the season progressed, he developed his skills and steadily emerged to become fan favorite. Although in recent years, new cast members like Paul Schnabel and Tony Beets has taken the mining game to the next level, the old-school fans of the show rooted for Team Hoffman.

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In the past years, Todd had expressed his desire to go beyond the frozen locations for mining and had also hinted about leaving the show couple times. However, many of his fans did not see it coming anytime sooner. Fans took his recent announcement by surprise and were utterly disheartened.

In the most recent episode of Gold Rush: Live, Todd announced that he and Team Hoffman were not returning to the show after the end of Season 8. He revealed that the decision to depart from the show was much harder to him than anyone else.

Todd Hoffman is standing alongside his father, Jack Hoffman. Both of them are carrying a bottle full of gold. They are both staring at the camera while Todd is giving a faint smile.

The Gold Rush star declared that his decision to leave the show was evident to spend more time with his family. He stated that the filming of the show would take him away from his home for six to seven months which was affecting his family life.

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Despite sealing the decision to depart from the show, Todd also said that this is not the end of his mining career. He will continue his hunt for the treasure off-the-screen. Also, Todd had started a production company named ZUM Media back in 2016 along with Jose Behar. He has also mentioned about the firm in Gold Rush: Live and said that the ambition of the company was to provide excellent programming for families.