Timon Kyle Durrett worked as an actor, producer, and activist author for many years. Moreover, the actor first appeared in the movie Deep Passion in 1999. Later on, Durrett played many roles throughout his career.

Despite his massive popularity, Timon prefers to live a low-key life. As such, much of his info remains a mystery. However, we gathered some of the most searched information about the said actor. So, please do keep reading this piece to know more about the actor Durrett.

Early Life and Bio of Timon Kyle Durrett

Timon Kyle Durrett was born in America, Chicago, Illinois, on July 12th, 1972. Furthermore, the multitalented actor holds an American nationality along with belonging to black ethnicity. Moreover, Durrett is 48 years old and was born under the star sign of Cancer.

Timon Kyle Durrett took the picture back during his college years
Timon Kyle Durrett took the picture back during his college years.
Source: Instagram

Back to Durrett’s early life and bio, the actor grew up on the southside of his hometown, Illinois. And like most of his info, the names of his parents remain hidden from his fans. What’s more, Timon grew up in a big family. Moreover, the actor has five brothers and two sisters.

Although the talented actor/producer keeps his family’s name hidden, Timon graduated from Fenger Academy High School. And later, Durrett attended Alcorn State University. What’s more, he played basketball for his college. Moreover, he later earned his B.A. degree in communication in 1998.

How Tall is Durrett?

Timon stands at a great height. And like we stated before, Durrett used to play basketball for his college. Moreover, Stuck with You stands at six feet and three inches. Moreover, Durrett still holds a great shape.

Is Timon Kyle Durrett Married? Or Still Single?

Timon Kyle Durrett is almost fifty years old, but he seems to be single. The talented actor loves to keep his personal life away from the world. Many fans of this handsome actor want to know more about him.

Timon Kyle Durrett took the selfie after a haircut
Timon Kyle Durrett took the selfie after a haircut.
Source: Instagram

Even at the age of 48, Timon looks fantastic. Moreover, going through his socials, the actor loves to share his day-to-day life. However, Durrett hasn’t posted a single picture with his special lady.

Moreover, the actor isn’t wearing any wrings in almost all of his posts. It further confirms that Timon is still single. But, as we mentioned before, he likes to keep his private life, well, personal. And so, he could be protecting his “wife” from the unwanted spotlight.

How rich is Timon Kyle Durrett? His Net Worth And Earning

Timon Kyle Durrett is a very wealthy man. Furthermore, the multitalented actor, Timon, holds an estimated net worth of $3 million. Besides, Durrett has worked in the industry for over two decades now.

Timon Kyle Durrett was looking at the picture of Queen Sugar cast
Timon Kyle Durrett was looking at the picture of the Queen Sugar cast.
Source: Instagram

In 1999, Timon used to play the extras in TV shows and movies. And the background actors usually earn around $19 to $20 per hour. But now, Durrett plays multiple recurring and main characters in shows. Moreover, lead/main cast members earn hundreds of thousands per episode.

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Earning thousands of dollars a year, the actor indeed owns a fortune. However, many of his assets remain hidden for now. The car he drives, houses he owns, or if Timon owns a yacht stays unknown.

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