Tanya Roberts’ flawless body which looked stunning in bikini has been one of the reasons that she is in the hearts of many. She flaunted her hot figure as Julie Rogers on the fifth and the final season of Charlie’s Angels and that worked really well to earn her a huge fan base. She was considered as a sex symbol during the 80s. 

Tanya Robert’s bikini bod details

Apart from acting, Tanya Roberts’ sexy figure helped her become a fan favorite. During her time, she was one of the most beautiful actresses with perfect body measurements which looked smoking hot and sexy in bikinis.

Tanya Robert flaunting her bikini look, holding a monkey on her right hand and a catching bird on left hand. She did photo shoot for movie The Beastmaster

The former bond girl has an hourglass body shape. Her body measurements are reported to be approx. 37-27-35 inches. Her tall height of 5 feet 8 inches perfectly complements her slim figure.   

Other than the erotic body that she possesses, she is also very much popular for her sparkling blue eyes, strawberry blonde hair and breathless voice. She also took five years of vocal training. 

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Tanya Roberts got her debut movie after getting married to the second husband

Tanya Roberts was born as Victoria Leigh Blum on October 15, 1955. She came from modest beginnings in Bronx, New York, where her father used to support the family working as a fountain pen salesman in Manhattan. She is the second child of her Irish descent father and a Jewish mother. 

She left high school at age 15 to get married. She lived for a while hitch-hiking throughout the United States. Her marriage was dismissed and that dragged her back to New York City.

Tanya Roberts, the happy couple sharing a smile as they pose for the camera

Tanya met Barry Roberts in 1974. He was a psychology student who was pursuing a career as a screenwriter. She proposed Barry in a subway, and got married in a short time. 

Tanya got her first movie role in 1975 as Nancy Ulman in Forced Entry and got her breakthrough role as Julie Rogers in the 1980’s Charlie’s Angels. She had made through some 2000 applicants to replace Shelley Hack.

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After the show was defunct, she moved on to portray Kiri in 1982’s adventure fantasy The Beastmaster. In October of that year, her n*** pictorial was featured in People for promoting the movie. 

In the mid-80s, Roberts found herself nominated for Razzie Award for Worst Actress for her role in Sheena: Queen of the Jungle. The movie itself was a box office and critical disaster. 

Tanya Roberts posing with Sir Roger Moore

Also, her other movie, A View to a Kill, in which she played the character of Bond girl Stacey Sutton became her career spoiler. She was once again nominated for by critics for a Razzie Award.

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In 1998, Roberts took a recurring role as Midge Pinciotti in the TV series, That 70s Show, but sadly she had to leave as her husband suffered from a terminal illness. Barry Roberts died on June 15, 2006, due to Encephalitis.

Has Tanya Roberts got plastic surgery?

Tanya Roberts is known for her classic beauty. And it is quite stunning how she has maintained it even in her 60s. While we have seen many celebrities aging, it is commendable how she has prevented the traces of aging from showing on her face. 

Tanya Roberts looks flawless with her smooth forehead and face that might be the result of plastic surgery

Her flawless smooth skin has led fans to speculate that she has taken help of plastic surgery. People speculate that she has got Botox injections on her face.

Tanya is yet to confirm the allegations but we can say whatever procedure she has sought after has worked really well on her. 

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