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Tahnee Welch with her co-stars

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Actress Tahnee Welch with her Cocoon co-stars Steve Guttenberg (L) and Tyrone Power Jr (R) smiling at the camera.
Tahnee Welch made her Hollywood debut in 1985 from the movie Cocoon.
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Actress and Model - Tahnee WelchCocoon star Tahnee WelchTahnee WelchTahnee Welch with mother Raquel WelchTahnee  Welch with her co-starsFamous actress , Raquel Welch with her two children Tahnee Welch and Damon Welch.Tahnee Welch photographs from her teenage.Tahnee WelchTahnee WelchTahnee Welch and Claudio Amendola during Cocoon shooting.Tahnee Welch smiling Tahnee Welch and Peter Maffy spotted during their movie.Tahnee Welch during her film shooting.Tahnee Welch with her ex-husband Jared Harris.

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