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Quick Facts About Tahnee Welch

Name Latanne Rene Welch
Birth Name Latanne Rene Welch
Celebrated Name Tahnee Welch
Date of Birth December 26, 1961
Age 55 Years Old
Profession Actor
Gender Female
Place Of Birth San Diego, California
Eyes Color Dark brown
Ethnicity White
Best Known For Cocoon
Nationality American
Marital Status Single
Weight 58 KG
Debut Movie Amaris un po'

Actress and Model - Tahnee Welch, Source : images.google.com

Tahnee Welch was one of the renowned names of American film industry before the 2000s, who is best recognized for her involvements in movies like Cocoon, I Shot Andy Warhol and Sleeping Beauty. Daughter of famous American actress Raquel Welch, Tahnee has been a part of a few German and Italian cinemas as well. 

Apart from acting, Tahnee’s prowess as a model has garnered her huge attention from the public. She left a long-lasting impression in the modeling field by posing as a cover girl for Playboy. Besides, she has appeared in various international magazines as well.

Born in San Diego, California, Tahnee spent much of her early childhood traveling in countries like Spain, England, and Italy, before finally moving back to her native country. As revealed by various sources, she had a rough childhood and an unsatisfying relationship with her mother. She dropped out of school and left her home when she was 16.

Welch has been well-known for her relationship with English actor Jared Harris. They were together for 5 years during the 90s. Her love affairs afterward have not been revealed and she is stated to be single at present.

Cocoon famed Tahnee Welch’s Playboy appearance created a sensation

Tahnee Welch with her Cocoon co-stars Steve Guttenberg (L) and Tyrone Power Jr (R), Source : images.google.com

Tahnee Welch, who made a big name in the acting and modeling industry, was initially interested in becoming a ballet dancer. But she never got a chance to pursue a career in that field as her instructor had underestimated her physique.

Not being able to live her dream was another disappointment in her which when combined with her family problems led Tahnee to leave home at 16. Following that, she began working as a housemaid and a hairdresser around Europe in order to earn a living for herself. After several odd jobs in Europe, she moved back to the States and began learning acting in New York.

Although she learned acting in New York, she made her acting debut from Italy. 1984 released Italian movie Amarsi un po’ is her debut film in which she played a lead role alongside Italian actors Claudio Amendola and Virna Lisi.

After landing success with her first foreign movie, Welch returned to her native land to make her Hollywood debut in 1985 movie Cocoon. And in her first try, she became a success in the American film industry as well. However, she continued her work in Europe, mainly in Germany and Italy.

In 1987, Welch played the lead in the American-Israeli musical film The Sleeping Beauty and it was a blockbuster too. The same year, she starred in Hollywood film Lethal Obsession.

In 1988, she reprised her role as Kitty from the film Cocoon in its second installment Cocoon: The Return. Apart from this, she is recognized for appearing in movies like Disperatamente Giulia (Italian), Night Train to Venice (German), Search and Destroy (American), I Shot Andy Warhol (British- American) and Black Light (Canadian).

Apart from acting, Welch’s modeling has created a big sensation, especially her nude pictorial in the November 1995 issue of Playboy. She had also posed topless for the cover page of that edition. Vogue, GQ, Marie Claire and Bunte are other magazines she has appeared in.

Tahnee discontinued her career in 2000 but before that, she might have accumulated a huge a net worth. It is believed that she has a net worth in millions, though concrete details have not been reveal

Unmarried till date, Tahnee Welch had a troubled childhood

Tahnee Welch with mother Raquel Welch, Source : images.google.com

Latanne Rene “Tahnee” Welch was born on 26 December 1961 in San Diego, California to Raquel Welch and James Welch. Her father was a publicist and an agent. She has an elder brother named Damon. Her parents divorced when she was 3. 

While most of the children would have enjoyed the perk of being born to a celebrity mom, Tahnee Welch felt just the opposite. She had a troubled relationship with her superstar mother. 

In an interview, Tahnee even stated, “it was difficult growing up as the child of a famous mother.” However, exact reasons behind the statement were not talked about.

The majority of Tahnee’s personal life information is still in dark. Yet, it is not hidden that she had a long-term relationship with British actor Jared Harris. They began dating in 1991 and separated in 1996 before getting engaged.

Luca Palanca is another name that Tahnee Welch has been romantically linked with. Reports claim that the two met while Welch was working at the Palanca family’s restaurant Joe and Joe’s Pizzeria’s kitchen. Currently, Palanca is married to Tammy Pescatelli.

Tahnee Welch has not married anyone till date and she is reportedly single.



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