Suri Cruise is the sole daughter of the Hollywood superstars Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes. She was born on April 18, 2006, in Santa Monica, California, United States.

Suri Cruise has two half-siblings named Connor Cruise and Isabella Jane Cruise. The names of her grandparents are Mary Lee Pfeiffer, Martin Joseph Holmes, Sr., Thomas Mapother III and Kathleen A. Stothers-Holmes. She is really fond of them.

Suri Cruise’s father Tom Cruise is known for his role in Mission Impossible franchise and her mother, Kati Holmes, is known for Batman Begins and Dawson’s Creek.

At age 10, Suri Cruise has had a difficult family experience

Suri Cruise just turned 10 in April this year. She looks cute and always appears smiling with her mom. But her life must have been affected because of her parents’ divorce.

Her parents got married in 2006 but they eventually couldn’t solve their differences. In 2012, they got divorced. Then, Suri was left out of touch with her father for quite a bit of time.

Indeed, Suri has passed through a tragic childhood.

Suri Cruise has started going to school now – no more a Kindergartner

Suri Cruise is now big enough to go to school. She went to the New Village Leadership Academy while in California and the Avenues:The World School while in Manhattan, New York.

Suri is attending classes at the Avenues:The World School at the moment. It is a newly opened expensive school in New York City. Suri might be seeing a bright future at this school.

Suri Cruise likes playing with dolls and making pictures

Suri Cruise, like many girls, likes playing with dolls. She loves medium-sized teddy bears, minions and Tom and Jerry duos. In fact, she likes dogs and cats as well.

Besides, Suri also likes painting and making pictures. Though she is not particularly good at it yet, Suri shows great potential in the field. She also has a lot of friends to be around her.

Suri was awarded the Razzie Award for Most Tiresome Tabloid Targets. She was quite happy about receiving the first award of her life.