Marc Anthony is a singer and a songwriter. Salsa and pop fall under his famous genres.

Marc was born in New York City, New York on September 16, 1968, to Puerto Rican father Felipe Muniz and mother Guillermina. Marc was named after a famous Mexican singer.

In his lifetime, Marc has been out with many women. In fact, he has been married four times. In 2000, he married Maria Von Ritchie Lopez and divorced her in 2002.

In the subsequent years, Marc married Dayanara Torres (2000-2004) and Jennifer Lopez (2004-2014). After breaking up with Jennifer Lopez, he married Shannon De Lima in 2014. Anthony has five children altogether from his wives.

Marc Anthony’s music has made remarkable impacts, especially during tours and concerts

Marc Anthony has been very much influenced by Latino and Mexican music. So, he is very much famous in Spanish speaking countries all around the world, not only in the Americas. Marc Anthony has stood as a remarkable musician, especially due to his vibrant and energetic concerts and tours.

Marc did Juntos en concierto 2005 with Chayanne and Alejandro Fernández, Juntos en concierto 2006 with Laura Pausini And Marco Antonio Solís and Juntos en concierto 2007 with Jennifer Lopez. These concerts increased his fame and made him a lot of money.

Marc Anthony’s career as a singer has gained him numerous awards

Marc Anthony is in music field since 1988, the year when he released his first album called Rebel. Then, in 1991, he released another album called When The Night Is Over. This proved to be the career milestone for Marc.

In the following years, Marc has been able to give out other famous albums such as Libre, 2002: Mended, 2004: Amar Sin Mentiras, 2004: Valió la Pena, 2007: El Cantante and 2010: Iconos.

This amazingly successful music career has gained Marc numerous national and international awards. The 2013 Latin Grammy Award Record of the Year and 2016 Person of the Year are perhaps the most prestigious and recent awards on Marc’s showcase.

Marc Anthony is a stylish fellow: hairstyle and body

Marc Anthony is 1.7m, or 5’6”, tall. Though not so much tall, he looks smart and attractive mainly because of his hairstyle. He always makes different hairstyles on each of his media appearances. It seems that he spends a lot on that part.

Likewise, Marc looks lean and very young though he is already 48 now. To talk about his personal traits, he is charming and humorous. He is one of those few men who easily get girls. That’s why he has such a long list of women on his dating history.