Known as one of the fastest No Prep racers, The Bird brothers, Jerry and Darryl have been racing for almost 30 years.

They first appeared in ‘Street Outlaws: New Orleans’ before recently making it to ‘Street Outlaws: No Prep Kings’ series.

Among the two, Darryl was the one who first started drag racing and Jerry became interested while he watched Darryl racing.

The Bird Boyz are interested in racing boats, bikes and duallies, but particularly love car racing.

In 2017 October, they purchased a Ford Probe, in the hopes of winning big on the no prep racing surfaces.

However, while filming for Street Outlaws Live at the Tucson Dragway in Arizona, Jerry experienced a brutal crash.

Although the Probe was completely disfigured, Jerry walked unharmed, thanks to his safety gears.

Following the wreck, the Bird brothers quickly rebuild the car with the help of Wizard Racing Facility.

And they were back on the drag racing track in no time, winning numerous races, including Dirty South No-Prep.

Their eagerness to do everything it takes to land themselves on tracks shows how passionate they are about racing.

The duo is backed up by sponsors such as Woolf Aircraft, Buck Racing Engines, Racetech Motorsports and TPS Motorsports.

Meanwhile, Jerry says that he’s really having fun at the moment and he has a good time on the events as his family joins him.