Bobby Ducote is a street racer, best known for appearing in the Discovery series, Street Outlaws: New Orleans.

He is well known for his small tires combo and carries a massive pride in being one of the fastest small tire racers in the world.

He has been a part of the series, Street Outlaws: New Orleans, since its inception in 2016.

He used to drive a 1971 Ford Maverick which he had aptly named Lil’ Legend.

He sold the Maverick and bought a blue 1986 Mustang hatchback, which took the mantle of Lil’ Legend.

He also unveiled his another big tire car, Mustang Coupe, a few days after Christmas 2017.

He is a driver with full of energy and doesn’t hesitate to compete against more powerful rides but always manages to win.

He is a generator specialist who takes good care of his car which he makes through his hard work.

He and Kye Kelley often team up to make their car fastest and greatest.

He is engaged to Magan Boleware, with whom he welcomed a daughter, Brielle, on November 21, 2017.