It has been a long time since Jackass star Steve-O split up with his girlfriend Katherine von Drachenberg. Before that, he was with his ex-wife Brittany Mcgraw with whom he divorced back in 2008.

He has recently made news as he underwent an operation to deal with a severe burn. He posted a picture after the operation to assure his fans of his good health, and accompanying his side was Lux Wright.

Who is Lux Wright? Is Steve-O dating her?

Lux Wright is a photographer, stylist, and visual artist. She focuses her talents mostly for films and commercials. She has more than 6K people following her on Instagram which makes her a minor social celebrity. 

Steve-O is kissing Lux Wright in the cheek. He has one hand on her head while the other is behind Lux.

Although not much is known about her history with the Jackass star, we do know that they seem to be in a relationship together.

In the first week of July, Steve-O was burnt badly by jet fuel while performing a stunt. He sought medical help five days after the incident and had to go through an operation due to the severe nature of the burn.

Lux was also present there to care for him and show her support. Steve posted a picture of himself and Lux post-surgery, letting his family and fans know of his well being. 

Steve-O has had a lot of failed relationships throughout the years

Steve-O has been with quite a few women over the years with no sign of getting married again. He has been divorced twice and has broken up with many girlfriends.

His first marriage was to Candy-Jane Tucker which ended in 2003 and his second marriage was to Brittany McGraw with whom he divorced in 2008.

Steve-O is kissing his ex-wife Brittany McGraw in her chicks while holding a beer cup in one hand and hugging her with the other

Back in 2015, he dated X-Factor singer Stacey Solomon. Things were going well for them, until six months later, in July, the couple broke up.

After that, he was together with the famous tattoo artist Kat Von D. They announced their relationship in December of 2015 but sadly it came to an end in March 2016.

He has also been linked with Kate Heffernan, May Anderson, Angela Steelman, Elisabetta Canalis and Lacey Schwimmer among others.