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Meteorologists Stephanie Abrams and Al Roker

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Meteorologists Stephanie Abrams and Al Rocker on the set of Wake Up with Al
Stephanie Abrams along with Al Rocker co-hosting the show 'Wake Up With Al' on The Weather Channel. The show aired from July 2009 to 2015, every Monday to Friday from 5 a.m. to 7 a.m.
Stephanie Abram is showing her engagement ring and on the other side she reveals the face of her husband-to-be. 1 of 12 Swipe To View More 12
Stephanie Abram with her fiance Stephanie Abrams on her way to second marriageMeteorologists Stephanie Abrams and Al RokerStephanie Abrams with ex-husband Mike BettesStephanie Abrams with her co-host Jim CartoneAMHQ co-host Stephanie AbramsStephanie AbramsAl Rocker and Stephanie AbramsStephanie Abrams, TV meteorologistAmerican meteorologist Stephanie AbramsStephanie Abrams with her co-hosts Jen Carfagno and Jim CantoreStephanie Abrams

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