At age 35, Charissa Thompson looks younger than ever with her perfect body measurements and towering height. Her hot bikini photos are a testament to that! Read on for Charissa’s yoga routine and workout plan.

How tall is Charissa Thompson?

Charissa Thompson reveals her hot, long legs in her yellow see through dress. She's got the perfect slim body measurement.

We’ve seen Charissa mostly in formal dresses talking about sports. People who don’t followed her on Instagram might not be aware how hot she looks in a bikini. She does put her long legs on display on television but you need to see her bikini pics to truly appreciate her beauty.

She is blessed with a height of 5 ft and 10 inches and she slays every look she carries. It’s more than just a blessing! She works really hard to maintain her perfect body measurements of 36-23-35 inches.

She has a figure, which can be categorized as hourglass, that many teenagers hanker for. There have been rumors that her curves were fake and she had gotten silicone implants, but her physique is totally natural.   

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Charissa Thompson has been doing yoga for over a decade

Charissa Thompson is in her yoga pants, she is ready for her workout routines.

With her up and coming career, Thompson has a very hectic schedule yet she looks stunning even in her mid-30s. 

According to the Fox Sports Live host, she’s been doing Bikram Yoga and it’s been more than ten years she’s been practicing it in a studio in Connecticut. She likes to do yoga and apart from this, she doesn’t miss workouts at home. Charissa considers diet as one of the vital ingredients for her fit body. 

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