Updated: 06/20/2018 01:25 PM | First Published: 06/20/2018 01:16 PM

What is Star Trek star Gates McFadden doing now? Net worth in 2018

If you're a hardcore Star Trek fan, you might definitely recall Gates McFadden who portrayed Dr. Beverly Crusher in the ‘Star Trek: The Next Generation’ series and four subsequent 90s movies from the franchise. Her deep smooth voice, cool professionalism, and mature sex appeal definitely garnered her tons of fans at the time. And with more than 237k followers on Twitter, she is still very much popular among the fans.

So today, for you Star Trek fans out there, we are digging down the life story of Gates McFadden.

Early Life

Born as Cheryl Gates McFadden on March 2, 1949, she graduated cum laude in Bachelor of Arts from Brandeis University before moving to Paris where she acquired her theatre skills from actor Jacques Lecoq at his school of physical theatre.

In her early days, she worked behind the scenes at The Jim Henson Company as a director of choreography and puppet movements and acted in various movies. And as a way of distinguishing her acting works from choreography, she is mostly credited as "Gates McFadden" as an actress and "Cheryl McFadden" as a choreographer.

Career in Movies, TV Shows and Plays

Before she became a household name through Star Trek franchise, she had appeared in a number of critically acclaimed movies such as ‘Taking Care of Business (1990)’, ‘When Nature Calls (1985)’ and ‘The Hunt for Red October (1990)’.

She has also demonstrated her acting flairs in several TV series, most notably, ‘The Wizard (1986)’, ‘Mad About You (1995–1996)’ and ‘Franklin & Bash(2011–2013)’.

McFadden is also known as a badass choreographer and has worked for plays such as ‘Medea’, ‘Bumps and Knots’ and ‘Yesterday Is Over’.

Net Worth

As of 2018, the 69-year-old has garnered a decent net worth of approximately $3 million mainly through her works in the Star Trek franchise. She currently lives in her luxurious home in Los Angeles, California.

Personal Life

Gates is married to John Talbot for several decades now, and they have a son named James Cleveland McFadden-Talbot. And here’s a little fun fact - If you remember the fourth season of ‘The Next Generation,’ McFadden’s character wears a laboratory coat over her uniform. It was because she was actually pregnant with James at the time and instead of adjusting the script, the director decided to hide her baby bump with the coat.

McFadden is very much active on Twitter and updates fans about her life.

So, what is McFadden doing Nowadays?

In 2016, she appeared in the music video for the Onsen’s song, "Follow the Numbers." And presently, she is a co-artistic director of the Ensemble Studio Theatre of Los Angeles, which strives to create "an environment that encourages the initiation, exercise, and practice of artistic imagination and expression." Most recently, she appeared at the premiere of her nephew, Will McFadden’s movie “Doubting Thomas.”