The Sin City actress was photographed in Manhattan’s east village neighborhood enjoying the company of the mysterious man. The duo looked to be appreciating each other’s company as they were seen with broad smiles on their faces.

However, no confirmation about the man’s identity has been made yet. The rapport in between them, that shall only get stronger in days ahead, was there in the picture for all to see. The beautiful actress has been single after breaking up with her then-companion, the Oscar- winning director Danny Boyle in 2013, after dating for 8 months.

Rosario Dawson’s infamous love life and her jaw dropping net worth

Rosario Dawson, still bachelorette have found it tough when it comes to keeping a relationship. Dawson has been romantically linked with several other names which include rapper Jay-Z, French DJ Mathieu Schreyer, and actor Jason Lewis. Now in a rumored relation with this mystery man, Dawson is likely to make her relation stable and strong. And who knows maybe marriage shall also be on the cards.

The 35 years old actress has had a successful career ever since she made her debut in 1995. Her strong and defining performances in Rent, Sin City and Grindhouse have been her best till date.

Now decades after her debut she is one of the successful and well-paid actress in the industry. As per the reports on her net worth, it can be said that her current net worth is around 16 million dollars.

The dashingly gorgeous actress belongs to a unique ethnic group which is a mix of Afro-Cuban, Puerto Rican, Irish and Native American. Maybe this unique blend of ethnic groups provides Rosario with the looks that have helped her in being humble.

Rosario Dawson, after suffering heartbreaks in her previous love affairs seems to have finally found a match for her as in the pictures that have been published, she seems satisfied with her mysterious companion. It might still be early to predict their future but the chances of them getting married cannot be denied. Currently owning a net worth of 16 million dollars, Rosario Dawson is likely to change her bachelorette status in the near future.

Rosario Dawson has been spotted with a mysterious man in NYC with his arms around her shoulder; is he Dawson’s to-be-husband? Still a bachelorette, the Latina beauty has been a success in the showbiz business ever since day one. Now, after decades of working in the industry, Dawson has accumulated a huge net worth in her account.