Matt Lauer and his 2nd wife Annette Roque is apparently in the media gossips because of their divorce rumors. His first marriage with TV producer Nancy Alspaugh also ended in a divorce in 1989. Now the rumor is surfacing all around that Matt is preparing to separate with Annette as well. Let’s find out if this is true.

Matt Lauer’s wife almost divorced him in 2006

Matt dated his lovely lady Annette Roque for nine months before finally getting hitched on 3rd October 1998. After spending eight years together, Roque filed for a divorce in 2006. The divorce paper revealed that Matt was cruel towards her. She also claimed that he is giving much priority to his work than her.

However, she withdrew the case later. Till date, their marriage has been rumored to be a very rocky one and that Roque is again filing for a divorce. Roque was recently spotted not wearing her wedding ring which further fueled the divorce rumors.

Matt Lauer with wife Annette Roque

One of the reasons why she would want to divorce Lauer may be due to his reputation of being a cheater. Annette is often seen keeping an eye on her hubby; she even followed him in 2012 Olympics. 

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Did wife Annette Roque know about Matt Lauer’s affairs?

Lauer has been engaged with many beautiful women in his past life. One of them is with his co-host Natalie Morales. When Morales was about to replace Ann Curry, Roque who was pregnant at that time flew into a rage. She threatened to divorce Lauer if Morales did replace Curry. Likewise, he has also dated other gorgeous ladies named as Tiffany Elliot and Kristen Gesswein.

Some sources revealed that the divorce rumor of Matt and Annette was passed down in media because of his wife Roque’s envious nature. In fact, the public has even given her the title of being a helicopter wife. She was said to have orchestrated the reason why Morales did not take over Curry’s position. 

TODAY anchors Matt Lauer and Natalie Morales smiling

She was said to have orchestrated the reason why Morales did not take over Curry’s position. On top of that, out of her insecurity, she followed Lauer as he went to the 2012 Olympics to keep tabs on him.

Matt is widely known as a host of the NBC’s popular morning TV show called The Today Show. He has been presenting the show since 1997.

He also shares a strong bond with the female co-hosts of NBC network. In fact, Lauer keeps on posting pictures of beautiful anchors through his Twitter.

Lauer has divorced once before but with his second wife Roque, he seems to be actually loyal despite all the rumors of him being a womanizer. Both of them are still together and the divorce rumors might just be false.