Janice Dean has been enjoying a happily married life with her husband Sean Newman since nearly a decade. Without any chance of having divorce soon, the couple is enjoying a small and happy family with two children.

Senior meteorologist for Fox News Channel, Janice and Sean exchanged their wedding vows in a lavish celebration in 2007. Since then, the pair has supported each other with love and understandings.

A couple of years after they began life as committed husband and wife, they celebrated the birth of their first baby boy Matthew. And in next two years, they welcomed their second son, Theodore.

The devoted couple’s love has deepened even more with their babies’ birth. Both of them are now making an attempt for providing good upbringing to their sons. Understanding how the little boys feel for anything, she is fulfilling every responsibility as a mother.

Sharing her experiences of motherhood, she said “Today started at 2:30 this morning. Theodore is having not nightmares exactly, but he wakes up a lot. He’s in preschool. There’s a lot going on for him. He shouts out at night. I’m the lighter sleeper, so I get up, and I lie down with him.”

They have hired a nanny for 5 days a week to manage the daily routines of Matthew and Theodore like taking them to school and bringing back to home.

Before getting married and having children, Janice used to think that having children is like starting of a boring life. However, her real motherhood experience even inspired her to write a children book entitled Freddy the Frogcaster.

Having a very busy profession as a meteorologist, it’s not sure how long hours she has to give to cover the weather conditions. So seemingly she is lucky enough to have such a loving spouse, who supports her by making dinners when she gets back to home in the evening.

Janice and her husband don’t get enough time to spend together. Prime cause is their busy professional schedules. However, reminding the parental responsibility to their sons and the journey they have made together, they are trying to focus on the better upbringing of their little boys.

Janice Dean’s happy married life with her supportive husband has helped her earn this position in her career field. Divorce doesn’t make sense to Janice Dean and Sean who are parenting two children.