Saul Hudson, widely known by his stage name, Slash, is an English-American musician and songwriter.

He was born on July 23, 1965, in Hampstead, London, to costume designer, Ola J. Hudson and English artist, Anthony Hudson.

He is best known as the lead guitarist of the American hard rock band, Guns N’ Roses, which was formed in 1985.

After his departure from the band in 1996, he started his solo career, as well as studio work for many successful artists.

As of 2018, Slash has garnered an estimated net worth of $40 million through his musical career.

Here are the guitars Slash has collected or used throughout his career 

Slash Electric guitars

1970/80s Memphis Les Paul

1978/79 B.C Rich Mockingbird

Jackson Archtop Prototype

Jackson Firebird Copy

B.C Rich Warlock

1961 Gibson SG

Gibson Les Paul “The Hunter Burst”

1959 Gibson Les Paul Standard – Replica

1960 Gibson Les Paul Standard – Replica

1987 Gibson Les Paul Standard

1958 Gibson Flying V

1959 Gibson Explorer

1967 Gibson EDS-1275

1987 Gibson Les Paul ‘57 Reissue Goldtop

1959 Gibson Les Paul Tobacco Sunburst

1991 Gibson Les Paul Black Death Vodka

Travis Bean TB1000

Guild Doubleneck Slash Custom

1976 Gibson Les Paul Standard

1964 Gibson Firebird V

1965 Fender Stratocaster

1952 Fender Telecaster

Gibson ES-335

Slash Acoustic Guitars: (To Be Displayed)

1988 Guild JF-30

Martin D-28

Jose Ramirez Nylon

1940 Gibson J-35

1965 Gibson J-200

Maton TE-1 (Tommy Emmanuel series)

Gibson Sheryl Crow

Taylor 616ce

Guild D-40/50

Gibson Blues King

Martin D-18

JOI Custom

Slash Signature Guitars: (To Be Displayed)

Slash Les Paul Custom Shop 1990

Slash Les Paul Snakepit 1996

Slash Les Paul Standard 2004

Slash Les Paul Standard 2008

Slash Les Paul Standard VOS 2008

Slash Les Paul Goldtop 2008

Slash Les Paul Appetite 2010

Slash Les Paul Appetite For Destruction VOS 2010

Slash Les Paul Rosso Corsa 2013

Slash Les Paul Vermillion 2013

Slash Les Paul Anaconda Burst Flame Top 2017

Slash Les Paul Anaconda Burst Plain Top 2017

Gibson Slash Firebird White Aged 2017

Gibson Slash Firebird Black Aged 2017

B.C. Rich Slash Signature Mockingbird

B.C. Rich Slash Tribute Signature Mockingbird