Skip Bayless has been earning a salary of $5.5 million from Fox Sports. Not surprising at all as his net worth is expected to be over $13 million. He left ESPN network after more than a decade of his service and switched to Fox Network with his own show Skip and Shannon: Undisputed.

Fox Sports paying Skip Bayless $26 million over four years

On 26th April 2016, the news of Skip Bayless parting ways with ESPN surfaced. Adhering to the rumors, Skip left the ESPN channel after his contract expired in August.

Columnist Richard Deitsch pointed out Skip Bayless' insane contract on Twitter

Skip joined the Fox Network shortly. He is the co-host of his own new show Skip and Shannon: Undisputed. The show aired on September 1, 2016, on Fox Sports.

Reportedly, he received $4 million as a signing bonus alone and is predicted to earn $26 million in four years. Uproxx reported that Bayless is earning more money than all but 49 NHL players and 112 NBA players.

Skip Bayless’ net worth can be credited to his successful career

Skip Bayless with his co-anchors from the show Skip and Shannon: Undisputed. It is his first project after leaving ESPN.

Skip started his career as a journalist at The Miami Herald, penning sports features. After serving The Miami Herald for two years, he joined Los Angeles Times in 1976. An opportunity at the Los Angeles was what Skip needed to showcase his talents.

Bayless was honored with the Eclipse Award for covering Triple Crown victory of Seattle Slew just a year after his work with Los Angeles Times. By the age of 26, he was already a lead sports columnist at The Dallas Morning News.

Skip Bayless had four broken long-term relationships before he finally married his present wife.

In 2004, ESPN hired Skip as a full-time host in the show Cold Pizza and also as a pen columnist for In addition, he got opportunities to appear in movies like Rocky Balboa, which further helped him boost his net worth.