Alexis Dziena is a movie star who has played the role of a married woman in movies but in real life, she does not have a husband.

She was in a relationship. Then, why is she still single?

Ex-boyfriend filed a restraining order against Alexis Dziena

Media went frenzy when her ex-boyfriend Jeffrey Ausley filed a restraining order against Dziena. He stated that the actress went crazy when the relationship was taking a worse turn.

She threatened to harm Jeffrey citing that she knew ways to get him arrested.The final straw that led to Jeffrey resorting to a court case happened when Dziena appeared in his home with her belongings, saying that she will move in even if he didn’t let her.

It’s not a far cry from the role she once played in Entourage as a jealous girlfriend. Her other ex-boyfriend went to media to defend her saying that the news was part of Jeffrey’s attempt for the limelight.

The court documents contain allegations stating she threatened him and forced entry into his home. His order was approved by the court and Dziena was prohibited to go not near than 100 yards from him.

It’s not the first time that she is into such drama. In 2011, she filed a restraining order against her own parents but it wasn’t approved.

Alexis Dziena is busy with her upcoming movies

Whatever issues she had to face in her personal life, Dziena’s professional life hasn’t been affected by this. She is working on her new movie Without Ward directed by Cory Cataldo.

The 5 feet 2-inch tall actress has never been shy to show her slim and curvaceous body in bikini and short dresses but it doesn’t seem like she will be showing her body in this movie. She is playing a character who is blind and falls in love with the guy next door. The plot sounds interesting but she will be showing only her appreciable acting skills and not her skin.

An owner of $3 million net worth, Alexis has lots of movies is in her hand right now so, she might not be regretting what she been through in her personal life.

Dziena stars in a lot of romantic films but her real romantic life seems to be dull. Perhaps, Alexis Dziena is too focused on her upcoming projects to get married and settle with a husband.

Alexis Dziena has dated two guys till date but has no husband

From 2000-2004, Dziena dated Michael Pitt. Their relationship was public and they were often spotted in red carpet events together.However, the 4-year-long relationship came to an end when problems grew between them. As a result, Pitt started dating other women.

Since her breakup with Michael Pitt, Dziena has preferred to keep her dating life on the low. She is said to have dated Jeffrey Francis Ausley but not much information is available. They dated for a few months in 2014.

Both of her relationships didn’t go to next level so, none turned out to be her husband. Since then, the 32 years old actress has been single and hasn’t dated anyone.