Sheryl Sandberg was firstly married with Brian Kraff at the age of 24, in 1993. However, the relation started to melt down after few months into their marriage. The conflicts began to appear in their relation and within a year the two decided walking their separate ways would be beneficial from them.

The duo parted ways in 1994, after agreeing that divorce was the only option remaining for them.

Sheryl was then in pursuit of her career when she met Rush Goldberg in 2001. Back then, Rush was working with Yahoo and Sheryl with Google. The two met while pursuing their career in their respective fields. The duo quickly built a comfort zone which led them to fall for each other.

After dating for several months, Sandberg and Goldberg finally decided to tie the knot with each other in 2004 and they have been strong as a couple since then. They are proud parents of their two children, a son and a daughter, whose names have not been disclosed yet.

Together while in their glory days, the duo’s thrived in their respective career pattern. Besides that, the duo also, came to each other’s aid when it came to family matters and raising their children’s.

Sudden demise of husband Rush Goldberg left a huge dent, yet Sheryl Sandberg stood up to be a formidable force herself

However, Sheryl’s perfect happy life took a devastating turn when her husband Rush Goldberg suddenly collapsed in 2015 while they were in Mexico for the holiday. The death of her husband shook the core of Sherly.

A year after her husband’s sudden demise, Sheryl felt stronger and hopeful from inside. Her husband’s demise brought new challenges for Sheryl none more challenging than raising her two children. And till date, Sheryl seems to have faced the challenges with a will and came out victorious.

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Sheryl’s happy family life took a disastrous turn with her husband’s sudden demise while they were in Mexico for their holiday. The death of her husband surely brought her to her knees butthe mother of two children, Sheryl Sandberg, has got up to be more stronger than ever.

Sheryl Sandberg, the COO of Facebook, has found it tough when it comes to keeping a marriage alive. Married twice in her lifetime, the author has faced bitter disappointments – once of divorce and once of husband’s demise. Yet, the mother to two adorable children, Sandberg has accepted the challenge that life has to offer and has fought bravely with it.