Sharon Gless is married to Barney Rosenzweig. Her role in Cagney and Lacey led fans to assume that she was a lesbian but she’s definitely not! Sharon has three step-children but has no child of her own.

Sharon Gless got married at age 48

Sharon Gless is looking smart in her simple yet elegant look. She reached the age of 74 this year (2017).

Sharon’s mother was a stay at home mum. They lived a happy family until her parents got divorced during her teenage years. Sharon always dreamed of having the perfect marriage and children.

Due to Sharon’s focus on career, she only got married at age 48. Rosenzweig was the executive producer for the show Cagney and Lacey, the same show from which Sharon got her widespread recognition. Sharon is a stepmother to three daughters and step-grandmom to a bunch of her step-grandchildren.

Sharon feels lucky that her stepchildren helped her experience motherhood. Though she didn’t get to nurture them, which is the toughest task of motherhood, she got to enjoy the fruits of others’ reaping, she says.

Sharon Gless was not the first Christine Cagney in the show Cagney and Lacey! know the reasons for recruiting her 

Sharon Gless is considered a lesbian icon

Sharon Gless's (left) old picture with co-actress Tyne Daly as Det. Mary Lacey from popular series Cagney and Lacey.

Sharon Gless has played an important role in supporting the LGBT community. Sharon’s first lesbian role was as Hannah in Hannah Free.

Gless feared that she would disappoint her gay and lesbian fans, but she looked quite natural and at ease handling her character. Sharon very well delivered the message the movie wanted to portray about gay rights. 

Portraying Cagney on screen brought Gless a large lesbian following. She revealed that she could get a lot of fan mail from women and interviewers would often assume that she was gay. “It it was never offensive to me. I thought it was cool. And then I did Queer as Folk. I tell you, the lesbian and gay audience has kept my career going,” said Gless.