Born on 12th July, 1974, Sharon Janny del Adel simply known as “Sharon den Adel” is a sensational Dutch singer and composer. She is best known to the world for being a lead vocalist of the Dutch metal rock band ‘Within Temptation’. This stunning lady was born in Wadddinxveen, Netherlands. She started performing with the various music bands from the young age of fourteen. She has performed with the popular bands like ‘Kashiro’. In the year 1996, she joined the band called ‘The Portal’. Later the band name got changed to ‘Within Temptaion’. Sharon is in a relationship with the forming member of the band, Robert Westerholt. She has been rocking the stage with the band as a lead vocalist. Together with her partner Westerholt and other band members she has given many hit stage performances. In addition to her major contribution as a vocalist of the band ‘Within Temptation’, she has also gained inconceivable fame and success thorugh working with other notable artists like ‘Tarja Turnen’, ‘After Forever’, ‘Agua de Annique’, ‘and ‘Anneke van Geirsbergen’. She has also sang the song called ‘Are You The One?’.

Sharon has made several guest appearances as well. She has appeared as a guest artist in the numerous albums like ‘Schizo’, ‘Prison of Desire’, ‘Inside’, ‘Fast Forward’, ‘Lucidity’, ‘Pure Air’, ‘Truth Or Dare’, ‘The Land of New Hope’ and ‘Imagine’. Throughout her musical career, she has achieved huge fame and success. It’s her magical voice and strong stage performances which has helped her to gain immense success in the music world. Sharon has earned both fame and rewards from her career. She might have accumulated considerable amount of net worth value and property. But her exact net worth and property value has not got exposed in the media and public yet.