Role model to millions worldwide, Sharon Adel has proven to the world that ‘the impossibility is just an unseen possibility.’ Adel is a gifted musician. One of the famous faces of the music industry, Sharon has proven her excellence through her number of hits albums and singles.

Born on 12 July 1974, her birth name is Sharon Janny den Adel, which she later shortened to Sharon Adel. Her originality belongs to Waddinxveen, Netherlands, and she has traveled extensively in her youth years, living in nearly ten different countries.

The musical journey of Sharon den Adel

We all know Sharon Adel has the voice of an angel. Since she was fourteen years old, the Dutch singer and songwriter have been singing and performing with numerous bands, including the rock band Kashiro.’

Sharon den Adel posed for a picture near a wall
Sharon den Adel posed for a picture near a wall. Source: Facebook

Sharon Adel has been serving as a musician since a very young age and is one of the two founding members of the band Within Temptation and Robert Westerholt.

She has been serving her profession with great dedication and determination since 1988. Her music belongs to genres like Symphonic metal and symphonic rock and has been labeled with Nuclear Blast, Universal and Sony BMG.

She holds associated acts with Within Temptation, Anneke van Giersbergen, Tarja Turunen, Avantasia, and Delian.

Net worth and songs of Sharon

So after so many years in the spotlight, how many dollars have Sharon’s voice earned her? The exact amount of her net worth isn’t revealed to the public yet. And she might have accumulated a considerable net worth through her musical career.

Sharon den Adel took a picture as she stared into the camera
Sharon den Adel took a picture as she stared into the camera. Source: Facebook

Dedicated from her very early days, she has kissed the horizon of success through her willpower. Likewise, her sensational work is responsible for earning the social and economic status she holds today. Moreover, challenging her abilities and skills has stood as a perfect definition of perfection and success.

Carrying on her work with all her efforts, Sharon Adel has proven that the impossible can be defined as unrealistic if anyone has the determination to reach and dedication to own.

Sharon Adel has produced various albums with various great songs. Some of her songs to be mentioned are:

  • Faster, All I Need, Angels
  • In and Out of Love
  • Radioactive
  • Whole World Is Watching
  • Sinead
  • Paradise Shot in the Dark
  • Our Solemn Hour
  • Ice Queen
  • What Have You Done
  • Memories
  • Stand My Ground
  • Mother Earth.

Adel is a woman who has made herself recognizable through her efforts and hard work for years and years.

Personal life of Sharon den Adel: Pregnant, Children?

At the age of 42, Sharon Adel is happily living an unmarried life with her long-term partner Robert Westerholt, with whom she has welcomed three gorgeous children. The small family of Sharon currently resides near Hilversum.

Sharon den Adel and her partner took a picture together on his birthday
Sharon den Adel and her partner took a picture together on his birthday. Source: Facebook

Sharon got pregnant with their first child during’ The Silent Force’ tour. Her baby girl, Eva Luna, was born on December 7, 2005. Later in February 2009, Sharon announced the news of her second pregnancy! And she gave birth to a boy named Robin Aiden Westerholt. Their third child, a son, Logan Arwin, was born in March 2011.

Carrying her work as a part of her life, Sharon cemented herself in the pages of the history of her profession. What’s more, Sharon earned the crown of Rock Goddess of the Year in 2011 and 2014’s prestigious Loudwire Music Awards.