What happened to Scottie Chapman from MythBusters? Why did Scottie Chapman leave the MythBusters? What is she doing now in 2018? Find out!

Scottie Chapman’s career in MythBusters and now

Scottie Chapman was born on April 8, 1971 in Virginia Beach, USA. She has a brother Tyler Lee Osborn, he is a musician. They mix up quite well as siblings. Chapman holds a very free to life kind of personality. She attends basketball matches and is seen quite often around concerts. Even at her late fifties Scottie is enjoying her life to the fullest.

Chapman after earning the fame and fortune as a TV personality for her passion for welding got back to acquiring a degree. Leaving a well to do career of over 18 years, Chapman earned an associate’s degree in dental hygiene. She graduated from the Diablo Valley College in 2013.

Scottie Chapanman is holding a heavy gun during her shoot. She is smiling an d is wearing a sleeveless black top and white pants.

Scottie’s flair of metal construction and demolition got recognized by Discovery Channel’s Mythbusters, the show that got her widespread recognition. Chapman joined the show on its debutante year that is in 2013. For her work as a metal welder she was awarded with the title  mistress of metal. 

Chapman left the show in its third season. She labeled the reasons of her departure being out of handle fame and attention. She was not used to the stardom and was not fascinated towards it. So she eventually dropped out of the show. But Scottie went on to appear in Mythbusters as a guest builder in two different episodes,  “Supersize Rocket Car” and “Great Ice Debate”. She also appeared on two episodes of Monster Garage.

MythBusters Scottie Chapman married?

Scottie Chapman prefers to keep her personal life behind the media limelight. However, from a little stalking we’ve brought you some of her personal details. Scottie, is a family person. She has two children of her own a son and a daughter. However, her marriage has been kept under wraps.

Scottie Chapman in her dentist uniform working with the dental tools .

Scottie is a nature lover, she enjoys investing her time in nature may it be through travelling or gardening. She has a pet dog Pasha and two parrots as a part of her family. As of now Chapman serves as a dental hygienist and has sidelined her metal fascination just as a hobby.