Sara Carbonero married boyfriend Iker Casillas in a secret wedding.

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Sara Carbonero was surprisingly kissed during an interview by her current husband! Sara Carbonero and long-term boyfriend, Iker Casillas, have secretly tied the knot. Their relationship that drew global attention after on-air ‘lip kiss’, has caused as much sensation as Spain’s victory.

Imagine how awesome it must have been! Upon winning the World Cup and getting interviewed by the woman you love. Iker Casillas is one lucky fellow. Everyone was shocked when former Spain captain kissed his wife-to-be. The moment was emotional and cute at the same time. Also, check out the video below:

Trophy with a kiss: Iker Casillas embraced the victory by kissing his now-wife Sara Carbonero on-air

It was 2010 football World Cup when Iker grabbed his lady Sara and kissed her live on air. Something even she didn’t expect.

The couple’s relationship became a cause of daily gossip throughout the 2010 World Cup, starting with Spain’s loss to Switzerland and ending with a passionate on-air kiss between the two.

Sara and Iker started dating in 2009, and soon their relationship was in the media eye, due to Sara being a sports reporter for Telecinco (a well-known Spanish news source) and Iker being Spain’s goalkeeper.

When Spain lost their starting game to Switzerland, reportedly Sara was criticized for distracting Iker, as his mistake led to a goal while Sara was just standing less than sixty feet away.

While all the claims were untrue and ridiculous, as Spain went on to win the 2010 World Cup and during the post-game interview, it was the moment when Spain goalkeeper Iker sealed his win with a kiss as he kissed his correspondent girlfriend Sara live on TV.

Sara Carbonero secretly married to Iker Casillas and recently welcomed their second child. Congratulation!

Spanish media personality Sara Carbonero married Spain’s football legend Iker Casillas in a very secret wedding with just two witnesses. The wedding was a simple ceremony using a notary took place in the Boadilla del Monte, on March 20th, 2016.

The pair didn’t bother to make their marriage a big deal and kept it under the wraps, until this summer, when they tell the news to their family and friends at a special party.

It was Sara who wanted a simple and secret wedding because of the 2010 World Cup incident, which caused a quite a media buzz for a long time.


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The couple recently welcomed their second child, Lucas, on June 2nd, 2016 and their first baby, a son, Martin was born in January 2014. Many congratulations to Sara and Iker on their marriage and new child!

It may have a little to do with the 2010 World Cup win, but the kiss that Iker Casillas gave to his now-wife, Sara Carbonero, in front of the cameras has been the most memorable moment of the World Cup.

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