Sandra Bullock (born July 26, 1964) is one of the most beloved Hollywood actresses who won an Oscar for her role in ‘The Blind Side.’

She is mostly known for her roles in comedy movies like Miss Congeniality, Two Weeks Notice, The Proposal, etc.

But, in summer of 2018, we will see this rom-com star with a dash of action in an all-female remake of Ocean’s 8.

Here are some interesting facts you probably didn’t know about the award-winning actress.

Born to an opera singer

Sandra was born to an opera singer, Helga Mathilde Meyer and part-time voice coach, John W. Bullock.

Born to a German mother, she grew up traveling through Austria and Germany and developed her interest in acting along the way.

Allergic to horse

She didn’t know that she was allergic to horses until 1996 when she worked on ‘Two If by Sea. ‘

She co-starred with Denis Leary in the 1996’s romantic comedy film.

Hates working on musicals

It’s ironic, considering that she grew up involving in music and dance and career paths of her parents. But she has admitted to it.

In an interview with Harper’s Bazaar in 2009, she said that she would never step foot on the set 

of a musical.

Survived a plane crash

In 2000, Bullock and her then-boyfriend escaped death when their plane crashed at the Jackson Hole Airport, Wyoming.

Luckily, no one was hurt, but the plane suffered extensive damages to the wings and landing gear.

Her breakthrough role

Bullock’s agent and friends told her to not take the role in ‘Speed’ as her part in the movie sounded like just a background female character.

Luckily, the movie went to be a huge commercial success and earned her global recognition.