The actress and Production manager, Molly Cookson, is better known as the wife of The Sons of Anarchy star, Ryan Hurst. Many fans know about Ryan Hurst and his works.

But, we don’t know who or what Molly Cookson has done or has been doing. So, let us find out more about the wife of Ryan Hurst, Molly.

Molly Cookson Bio: Early Life and Education

The information regarding Molly Cookson’s birthday or her parents’ names and occupations has not been published yet. All we know is that the actress is of European descent.

Actress and production manager Molly Cookson

Talking about her educational achievements, Molly completed her high school education at Santa Monica High School, which was the same high school that her husband attended. Cookson did her Bachelor of Arts from Loyola Marymount University.

Molly has also been to several schools to improve her theater skills. Furthermore, Cookson took various courses and achieved degrees in Opera, including from the school of Vocal Coaching, On Camera from Brad’s class, Cold Reading from the school of The West End, Improv from the school of The Hothouse.

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Unlike her husband, Molly has only played minor roles in movies, including And You Thought Your Parents Were Weird (1991), The Last Shot (2004), Chasing the Green (2009) and  Shouting Secrets (2011).

Actress Molly Cookson at the Satellite Awards

She also guest-starred in the TV series Outsiders (2016-2017).

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Molly Cookson’s Personal Life: Husband and Family 

Before tying the knot with The Walking Dead star, Molly dated Ryan Hurst for almost 11 years. The couple met in 1994, and after dating for more than a decade, they finally got married in May 2005.

Actress Molly Cookson with husband Ryan Hurst at the premiere screening of season 4 of The Sons of Anarchy

Not only life partners, but the couple is also business buddies. They are the founders of the production company Fast Shoes.

Molly with husband, Ryan Hurst in the Venice Beach

They don’t have any kids, but they are proud parents to their pet dogs. We aren’t sure about Molly, but seeing Rayn’s Instagram account filled with pictures of cute little puppies, we can say that he has a soft spot for them. Apart from that, he also posts pictures of his family. 

Actor Ryan Hurst & Molly at his brother's wedding

The net worth of Molly Cookson is yet to be calculated, whereas her husband, Ryan Hurst, has a net worth of $4 million as of 2019. As of now, they are living in Woodland Hills, California.

While they don’t let their private life come out in public, we are sure that the couple is living an amazing one.

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