The Walking Dead actor Ross Marquand hasn’t yet reacted to rumors of him being gay. Is he gay in real life or does he have a girlfriend? Read on for his humorous replies to his curious fans on his personal life.

Is Ross Marquand gay in real life?

Ross Marquand, the first and very prominent gay character in The Walking Dead, is yet to reveal his sexual orientation in real life.

Rumors about Ross being gay have been circulating but the actor doesn’t seem to be affected by any of these. Is it because he is actually gay?

On the third season of The Walking Dead, we saw Ross’s love interest, Erin, get shot with a bullet and later turn into a walker. The audience was left heartbroken and now his character is left with no love! 

Ross Marquand and Tom Payne showing of their bromance chemistry. Payne uses his hands' gesture as if like he is presenting Ross Marquand in front of the camera at the People's event.

Coming back to reality, even though Marquand is active on Instagram and Twitter accounts, he has not given the slightest of hint about his relationship status.

This can also mean he’s single, but it’s hard for his millions of fans to digest the fact that the handsome hunk is missing out on a romantic relationship.

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Is Ross Marquand in a relationship?

In 2013, Ross posted a photo of him with a statue of Wyldestyle from The Lego Movie calling her his girlfriend. This was one of his humorous answers to the curious audience. He further added to the caption stating he was hanging out with her and that she was hilarious.

Marquand has never shared photos of his past girlfriends and is presently keeping his relationships under wraps.

Ross Marquand posing with a statue of Wyldstyle from The Lego Movie. He captioned the photo as  'Hanging out with my new girlfriend...she's hilarious.'