Rick Petko is a well-known reality TV personality who earned his fame from Orange County Choppers. The 49-year-old and his wife live in Pocono, Pennsylvania. It seems he doesn’t have a Wikipedia yet, so read on for a short biography on his married life and find out where is Rick Petko from American Chopper. 

Rick Petko Wiki: Short biography

Petko was born on September 11, 1968, in Bath County. He grew up watching movies about old motorcycle models and has been a motorcycle enthusiast since a young age. 

He joined Orange County Choppers as a fabricator and builder in the summer of 2003 and began starring on Discovery’s American Chopper. During his decade-long stint at OCC, he commuted over 70 miles each way to work.

He was quickly able to garner fan attention on Orange County Choppers. 

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Where is Rick Petko from American Chopper?

Petko presently runs his own fabrication shop in downtown Stroudsburg in Pocono, which he built in 2016 in partnership with Jim and Linda Schlier, owners of the nearby Harley-Davidson dealership. 

Talking to Ponoco Record in 2016, he said, “They were all-in on it from the start, I was surprised. There’s not many dealerships in the country that do fab work right out of the store.”

Rick Petko from Orange County Choppers on a motorcycle, he's wearing a baseball tee

Customers can build their own Harley Davidson in the 3500 square feet workshop. When asked about his time on television, he replied with, “That was great while it lasted, but it still wasn’t the core of what I was about or what I like to do.”

He had always planned to be closer to his home, to his wife and children, and he’s very happy with his current workplace. 

Net worth in 2018

Rick Petko is welding a knuckle fork tube for his new racer.

There’s no doubt that Orange County Choppers has helped Petko in earning celebrity, but besides, the show has also helped him accumulate a substantial amount of net worth. As of 2018, Rick has amassed a net worth of $1.75 million.

Who is Rick Petko married to?

Petko is married to entrepreneur Brittany Petko nee Cockeram. He has two daughters, Everly Rose, and Lucy Mae, from her.

They have been married since May 2012. Their wedding was chronicled on Petko’s show American Chopper.

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