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Where is Rick Petko now? What's he doing after leaving American Chopper?

Rick Petko (born September 11, 1968) is recognized as one of the cast members of acclaimed Discovery show American Chopper. He served as a fabricator and builder at the Orange Country Choppers.

An Early Passion

Petko in a motorbike workshop, fitting a headlight to a motorbike

As a child, he grew up watching movies about old motorcycle models and has been a motorcycle enthusiast ever since. The passion for the two-wheeler translated into his professional life as well, working on various garages and workshops, he landed himself a job at Orange Country Choppers.

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Service at Orange Country Choppers

Rick Petko from Orange County Choppers on a motorcycle, he's wearing a baseball tee

He joined Orange Country Choppers as a fabricator and builder in the summer of 2003 and began starring on Discovery's American Chopper. During his decade-long stint at OCC, he commuted over 70-plus miles every day for work. He was able to garner quick attention on American Chopper and remained a fan favorite till he left the show in 2017.

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Life after American Chopper

An image of the Harley Davidson shop at Pocono Mountains where Rick has a custom workshop

Petko currently runs his own fabrication shop in downtown Stroudsburg in Pocono, which he built in 2016. He has partnered with the owners of the Harley-Davidson dealership, Jim and Linda Schlier.

Talking to Pocono Record in 2016, he said,

"They were all in on it from the start. I was surprised there's not many dealership in the country that do fab work right out of the store."

Customers can customize their own Harley Davidson in the 3500 square feet workshop. When asked about his time in Orange Country Choppers and American Chopper, he said,

"That was great while it lasted, but it still wasn't the core of what I was about or what I like to do."

A Family Man

A picture of Rick with his wife and two daughters. Both children are quite young and his wife is wearing glasses.

While working at OCC, Rick was traveling a huge distance everyday. He was continually missing out of quality time with his wife and children, whom he cherishes very much. Currently, Rick is able to enjoy his professional and personal life without the hassle of a long commute.

Petko is married to entrepreneur Brittany Petko (nee Cockeramand shares two daughters, Everly Rose, and Lucky Mae. They have been married since May 2012 . Their wedding was chronicled on American Chopper.

As of 2019, Rick's net worth is estimated at $1.75 million.

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