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Quick Facts About Richard Sandrak

Name Richard Sandrak
Birth Name Richard Sandrak
Celebrated Name Richard Sandrak
Nick Name Little Hercules
Date of Birth April 15, 1992
Age 24 Years Old
Profession Actor
Gender Male
Nationality American
Ethnicity Ukranian
Marital Status Single
Place Of Birth Ukraine
Chest Size Inch 35
Best Known For stunts and martial arts
Debut Movie Little Hercules 3D
Eyes Color blue
Working For Universal Studio

Former child body builder Richard Sandrak, Source :

Richard Sandrak is a former American child bodybuilder and gymnast. It's not that uncommon to be exceptionally talented from an early age but when you have rock-hard abs with a strength that could beat up most grown adults, it's hard not be noticed. With an unbelievably masculine physique as a child, he became popular for being depicted as "Little Hercules".

Born on 15 April 1992, in a rural domain of Ukraine, Richard was bound to be an athlete with the influence of his mother, Lena Sandrak, a competing aerobic and his father, Pavel Sandrak who was a martial art world champion. When Richard was 2, he along with his family moved to Pennsylvania. They later moved to California to help Richard pursue a career in show business.

It wasn’t that simple for Richard to be a son of professional athletes. Richard had to go through intense training which required him to perform 600 push-ups and sit-ups each day. Starting to train since his infancy, Richard used to do stretches and light weight lifting in the beginning. He was also introduced to Taekwondo.

Eventually, his training started getting intense and the hard work paid off pretty soon. At the age of 6, he used to max at 82kg in a standard bench press. It was not only his physique and strength he gained; he became quite a celebrity. His former impression is still supporting him at the age of 24.

Richard Sandrak's dark history behind the rock-hard abs

Richard Sandrak during his childhood, Source :

No doubt, Richard Sandrak gained popularity at a young age but only at the cost of giving up candy, treats and every other thing that a 10-year old boy cherishes. While most kids were munching on junk food, it was off-limits for Richard who had to maintain a balanced diet. Richard was prohibited from doing anything that a normal kid would do, and it included going to school as well. Richard was home-schooled.

Raised as a body builder, Richard had to dedicate all his time towards training and hence he never lived a normal childhood. However, Sandrak says he was never forced to do anything against his will.

He said, “I've never been forced to train or do anything against my will. My parents used to train all the time and I wanted to join in. It was mostly my choice. It's just what I grew up doing. I was never forced. It was never an issue."

Richard’s parents had hired a trainer named Frank Giardina to help them him in becoming popular. Frank quit his job after he realized that Pavel was too cruel on the little boy and that his parenting was awful. He also left because he received a death threat from Pavel.

Soon afterward, Pavel was imprisoned after being caught in the domestic violence. Before the police had arrived upon Richard’s call, he had badly beaten his wife. He was left by his son and wife after that incident.

Richard’s hard work didn’t go in vain as he got the opportunity to appear in the documentary The World’s Strongest Boy. The documentary depicted Richard’s uncommon abilities to do splits and bench-press. It also showed that he had less than 1% body fat.

The documentary received mix reviews from the critics along with speculations from experts that Richard’s muscular development was not natural. But Lena argued that her son had never used steroids.

Richard Sandrak has given up on his aspiration to become a Hercules

Richard Sandrak has given up body building, Source :

Richard was surrounded by various controversies after the release of his documentary The World’s Strongest Boy but he also achieved stardom followed by several magazine appearances. He participated in and won several competitions. 

He also starred in the 2009 released film Little Hercules in 3-D and appeared in television and radio commercials of nutrition products. Besides, he started getting involved in programs devoted to raising awareness of childhood obesity.

After a childhood that circulated around fitness, 24-year old Richard has now grown bored of bodybuilding. He revealed this fact during an interview with Inside Edition in 2015. In fact, he quit bodybuilding after his father was arrested. 

At age 15, although he did not continue to build his body, he trained five times a week, each session of 90 minutes. He started eating more like a typical teen and got involved in activities out of the training world. 

Instead of letting history ruin him, Richard looks forward to leveraging his past notoriety into a career in acting. Moreover, he has kept himself distant from alcohol and drugs. 

During an interview with Andrew Anthony, he remarked, "I think of it this way: the kids that do that, how do they end up? They don't end up with successful careers in any good business. They end up working at McDonald's, and that's not a life I want for myself.”

The normal looking Richard still does cardio exercises such as stair climbing, chin-ups, etc. He also loves skateboarding. He currently works as a stuntman and performs intense exercise only when required by his job. 

As a stuntman, Richard is associated with Universal Studios Hollywood and Waterworld: A Live Sea War Spectacular. His clients include celebrity names such as Elton John, Rod Stewart and Sylvester Stallone whom he has reportedly trained.

From his jobs, he has accumulated an estimated amount of $400,000 as his net worth till date. He aspires to become an engineer for NASA.



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