Disney is done with Johnny Depp’s Captain Jack Sparrow! Pirates of the Caribbean screenwriter, Stuart Beattie has publicly confirmed the news! Depp, who led all five movies of the franchise that grossed a total of approx $4.5 billion, will not be reprising his role.

Reason behind Johnny Depp’s firing from Pirates of the Caribbean!

Johnny Depp in a costume of the Jack Sparrow

Stuart said in a public statement addressing Captain Jack as the actor’s legacy,

“I think he’s had a great run. Obviously, he’s made that character his own and it’s become the character he’s most famous for now. And kids all over the world love him as that character so I think it’s been great for him, it’s been great for us, so I’m just very, very happy about it.”

He added more on how an independent actor became a household name saying,

“Before Jack Sparrow came along, Depp was considered this kind of quirky, independent actor that made these really cool little Tim Burton films, but he was by no means a movie star and a lot of people thought we were crazy for casting him at the time.”

The superstar has been axed from the franchise as Disney Studios plans a major reboot. The 55 years old actor, who has recently been dogged by personal dramas, last adventured as Sparrow in the lowest performing movie of the franchise, Dead Men Tell No Tales. Here are the real reasons why Johnny Depp will no longer be on the movie series.

1.Getting Along with Drugs and Alcohol

Johnny Depp wearing a cap and accessories

Johnny Depp has struggled with alcohol and drug addiction for much of his life, having started smoking at just 12 and drugs and alcohol shortly thereafter. He has been vocal about his never-ending battle with addiction numerous times.

On one occasion he stated, “I investigated wine and spirits thoroughly, and they certainly investigated me as well, and we found out that we got along beautifully, but maybe too well.” His addiction has also taken a significant toll on his life, including his relationships with long-time partner, Vanessa Paradis and Amber Heard. Now, it seems like it has cost his well-to-do career as well.

2.Countless Run-ins with Law

Johnny Depp being arrested by the cops

The law started chasing Depp back in the 80s when he was arrested for assaulting a security guard at a hotel in 1989, followed by him damaging his hotel room in NYC in 1994. He was sued by a disabled medical professor, Robin Eckert for being attacked by his bodyguards & sued for breaching Australia’s strict biosecurity laws with Heard in 2015.

Likewise, in March 2016, he sued his management company accusing them of mismanagement of his money, but the company backfired him suing him for unpaid fees. More recently in July 2018, he allegedly got himself in trouble after punching a crew member twice in the ribs reportedly under the influence of drugs and alcohol.

3.Troubled Relationships

Johnny Depp and Amber heard

Twice-divorced Depp was first married to Lori Anne Allison from 1983 to 1985 and was shortly engaged to Jennifer Grey and Sherilyn Fenn. Afterward from tattooing “WINONA FOREVER” for his short-time love interest, Winona Ryder to dating Kate Moss, he has always made headlines for his personal life.

He shares two children: a son, John “Jack” Christopher Depp III and a daughter, Lily-Rose Melody Depp, with Vanessa Paradis, whom he was together with from 1998 to 2012. Afterward, his high-profile divorce with Amber Heard, who also accused him of verbal and domestic abuse, is a known story.

4.Casting in Fantastic Beasts Sequel

Johnny Depp in Fantastic Beast and the Crimes of Grindelwald

Following domestic violence accusations by Heard, fans raised “legitimate concerns” regarding Depp’s casting in Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald. J.K. Rowling defended the actor at the time saying,

“The film-makers and I are not only comfortable sticking with our original casting, but [are] genuinely happy to have Johnny playing a major character in the movies.”

Later, in an interview to promote the movie, Depp stated that Rowling was publicly supporting him because she had seen the evidence that the allegations were false. Not only Depp faced backlash for the allegations, but Rowling was also criticized for featuring an alleged abuser in her films.

These are the problems to name a few, that have bound the actor. How will Pirates of the Caribbean be like without Johnny Depp? Spill your thoughts below.

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