At age 25, Kash Doll’s net worth is on the rise after the success of her mixtapes. The former stripper, who once made more than $26,000 in a single night, made her breakthrough in the hip hop industry from Tinashe’ 2 On remix. Run Me My Money and For Everybody are two of her greatest hits yet.

Kash Doll earned $2,500 from a feature

Kash Doll in bed, she's holding a phone in one hand and a bundle of cash on the other

Doll emerged in the Detroit hip-hop scene back in 2014. She blew up on Instagram after she posted a freestyle. She was then approached by an artist for a feature. She accepted the offer and banked $2,500 for it.

This success led her to an opening act for rapper Chief Keef and things started snowballing from there. Her 2 On remix received 200,000 views in under an hour and it even made it on the radio. 

Following the success of her remix, she took the internet by storm with the video of her track Run Me My Money. Shortly after, she dropped her hit mixtape, Keisha vs. Kash Doll. This was back in 2015. A year later, she opened for rapper Drake on his Detroit stop during his Summer Sixteen tour.

In March 2017, Doll released her latest hit titled For Everybody, in which she raps from the perspectives of a side chick as well as the wife.

Kash Doll on stage, she's standing beside a stripper pole while her fans are pointing their phones at her

Taking to XXL Magazine in June, she said of her biggest hit, “I really creatively did the entire thought process [behind ‘For Everybody’] myself, I came up with the hook first and I just did something different. I didn’t even think people were going to like it. So how I made it a phone conversation was because of how I was rapping the first verse. After I did that I thought, I’m going to do both chicks. I’ve been both chicks to be honest, I witnessed both sides. I know women could relate to the things I rap.”

What’s next for Kash Doll in 2017? New mixtapes?

Kash Doll wearing a red jacket, she has a crown on her head and a mic on her hand

In her XXL interview, Doll revealed that she will be dropping new music soon. She has also planned tours and concerts for this year. 

“My perfect 2017, I want to be a millionaire. If I can win an award and be well established in the industry, that would be a fresh start in 2018,” said Doll.

When asked about her future goals, the rapper revealed that she wants to be an icon and inspire women with her music. She said, “I just really want my impact to be felt and be known as the girl that’s from the hood but she’s this megastar that makes all types of music that women can just put on when they feel some type of way.”

What is Kash Doll’s real name?

Kash Doll’s real name is Arkeisha Knight. She was born on March 14, 1992, in Detroit, Michigan and has younger siblings. 

Kash Doll’s beginnings as a stripper