Rain Brown is the youngest of the Brown clan from the ‘Alaskan Bush People.’

Brown was born on 23rd November 2003. Her birth name is Merry Christmas Kathryn Raindrop Brown.

Often referred as the Bush Barbie, Rain got her mainstream popularity from the show, Alaskan Bush People.

Even though the show’s concept focuses on presenting the unique life that the Browns live in Alaska, their net worth comes as a shocker.

Still practicing the barter system in the wilderness of Alaska, the Brown family have earned millions from ‘Alaskan Bush People.’

Even though the show has helped them collect millions to their net worth, they choose not to leave the bush.

The fourteen-year-old has been struggling with an emotional storm that has resulted in depression.

Her mother, Ami Brown has been diagnosed with cancer which has a lot to do with her depression. 

Ami’s willingness to fight the disease has however been an inspiration to many. Rain has been supporting her mother to battle cancer.