Rachelle Wilkos is a former executive producer of Jerry Springer and presently works on The Steve Wilkos Show. She has a net worth of $2 million.

Rachelle Wilkos Net Worth: Salary from Jerry Springer, Steve Wilkos Show

Wilkos’ net worth can be credited to her long term service as a producer on The Jerry Springer Show and later The Steve Wilkos Show. Wilkos worked on The Jerry Springer Show for 18 seasons, becoming an executive producer in 2008. 

Rachelle Wilkos attending Samsung's Annual Hope for Children Gala on 11 June, 2013 in NYC with husband Steve Wilkos.

She then took on the task of helping her husband, Steve Wilkos, launch his new talk show, The Steve Wilkos Show. Under her supervision, the show has continually climbed the rungs of ratings. 

Her success on these shows has surely helped her boost her net worth. The Wilkos family currently reside in Fairfield County, Connecticut. They also own a 11-room and three storeyed summer home in Wisconsin. 

Steve and Rachelle Wilkos have two children

Rachelle has been married to Steve for over 17 years now and shares two children with him. She gave birth to a daughter, Ruby, in 2003 and their son Jack was born in 2005.

She met Steve in 1995 when he was the head of security on the show. They were friends first and really hit if off after spending more time together at work. 

in the image : Ruby Wilkos (left), Steve Wilkos (center left), Rachelle Wilkos (center right) and Jack Wilkos (right)

Inside Steve Wilkos & wife Rachelle Wilkos’s married life. Meet their kids

“I got to know her as a person; who she was as a woman, and as a producer from working together. I fell in love with her; I was in love with her even before we started dating,” he told Celebrity Parents Mag.