Rachel McAdams has still not found a husband. Is she ever going to get married? Also, let’s find out her net worth.

Rachel has dated many celebrities over the last fifteen years but hasn’t been able to settle down yet. After playing a role as Allie Hamilton in the monster hit movie “The Notebook”, she started dating her co-star, Ryan Gosling. After dating for four years, they split up in 2008.

Then after, she started seeing an American actor, Josh Lucas, for several months and similarly, things didn’t work out well with him either.

The 38-year-old lady has also been rumored to have dated actors Jake Gyllenhaal, Ben Jackson, and Kit Harington over the period of two years, from 2009 to 2010.

Jamie Linden: The one whom Rachel is dating recently. Is he man enough to take their relationship to the next level?

Currently, she is dating American screenwriter, Jamie Linden. Ever since they were spotted buying home furnishings in West Hollywood, it has made people more curious about the relationship between them.

Rachel and her new boyfriend have spent their time together in Paris. Furthermore, the pair has also attended their friend’s wedding in Virginia and after some minutes they were found embracing each other.

“The Notebook” star has also revealed that she wants to have babies which tell us she is now deciding to get married. Who is her fiancé-to-be?? Will it be Jamie or someone new?

Have a look at her net worth and her past boyfriends

Although they have dated several celebrities in the past, Rachel and Jamie are now building a love nest for each other.

Before they started seeing each other, Jamie Linden was in a relationship with Zooey Deschanel, an actress of an American sitcom “New Girl”. And things were also pretty serious between “The True Detective” co-star Taylor Kitsch and Rachel. Reportedly, Rachel used to stay at Taylors’ condo quite often.

Rachel McAdams has starred in several blockbuster hits, like, The Notebook, Mean Girls, and now she has recently acted in “Sherlock Holmes".

After her hard work and dedication, she has now, the net worth of $14 million. The Canadian actress has the resume filled with films of different genres but course, romantic comedies are her specialty.

After “The Notebook” she worked in “The Wedding Crashers” alongside with three talented actors; Vince Vaughn, Owen Wilson and Bradley Cooper, which grossed $285 million worldwide and McAdams garnered well-earned acknowledgement from the press.

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However, she took a break from 2006-2007 from her film career. In that two years period, she turned down a lot of films like Getting smart, Mission Impossible III, Casino Royale.

Nevertheless, she did a great come back in a film industry in 2008 playing a role as Kay Nesbitt in a movie called “Married Life”, which is ironic because she doesn’t even how a married life is like.

Is the beautiful lady ever going to get married? Only time can tell. With such a huge net worth and advancing career, we’re guessing that a husband is the last thing on Rachel McAdams’s mind.