Becky Hammons has a salary of 500 thousand dollars. The retired basketball player was photographed with Brenda Milano in gym clothes. This has sparked rumors of a possible “lesbian”relationship with Brenda.

Becky has served as coach of the National Basketball Association All-Star Game. She has had a successful career as a basketball professional and assistant coach of the San Antonio Spurs of the NBA. She has coached NBA summer league and The 2015 Championship team. The 39-year-old is unmarried.

Becky Hammon and ex-coach Brenda Milano could be together

The relationship status of Becky Hammon has not made it to media lately. This naturally makes us, wonder why wouldn’t Becky get married?

Photographs of Becky and Brenda together could mean that Becky prefers a girl to boys. Brenda shares Becky’s interest in basketball. Brenda, like Becky, is unmarried. It is fair to assume that this two basketball personnel could be looking for a partnership.

Brenda has served as the head coach of the women’s basketball team at St. Francis College. She retired with a 58-184 winning record for her Women Basketball team at St. Francis.

Becky started her career as a basketball coach in 2014 after she suffered an injury in a game against Los Angeles Sparks (2013). Becky is still exploring the heights of her career as a coach.

Becky was also supposed to have a relationship with Tony Parker. Could she be interested in both genders?

It was rumored that Becky had a serious relationship with Tony Parker in 2014. Tony is a basketball player for the San Antonio Spurs of the National Basketball Association.

Becky and Tony, assistant coach and player respectively, could have taken their professional relationship to a more personal level. However, neither Becky nor Tony has officially announced the possibility of their relation.

Well, until she makes her relationship status public herself, we’re assuming that she’s still unmarried, despite the lesbian rumors. Becky Hammon, who’s earning a sizeable salary, is still active on the court as a coach. Here’s a video of her top 10 plays.