Updated: 05/09/2018 11:08 AM | First Published: 05/09/2018 11:03 AM

Does Peter really have no superpowers in Deadpool 2?


The Deadpool 2 final trailer brought upon many characters who will be involved in the brawl against Cable. The trailer revealed the superpowers of characters like Domino, Shatterstar, and Bedlam. But the one who caught everyone’s eyes, is Peter, a normal looking fella who wound up joining Deadpool’s X-Force after seeing an ad.

Though Peter himself told Deadpool, the interviewer, that he doesn’t have any superpowers, we will dig into this particular topic and find out if Peter does really have no superpowers at all.

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Let's start with the first thing we know about Peter, his name. It seems Marvel already has a superhero with a similar name, a secret agent from the British Secret Service, Pete Wisdom. In the comics, Pete Wisdom has the power to absorb ambient heat and solar radiation and release it as “Hot Knives” from his fingertips.

Though this isn’t for certain, the actor who plays Peter, Rob Delaney has left a clue for this to be true. Rob registered a Twitter account with the username, Peter_W1974 in March 2018, which couldn’t be more obvious. We have already talked about his first name, but the “W” in the username, can pretty much solidify that Peter is indeed Pete Wisdom.

Another thing to notice in the trailer is that Deadpool has a picture of Peter in his hand while interviewing him. What you see in the picture is that Peter is quite slim and that he is wearing a suit with a black tie. This could be a hint that Peter is indeed Pete Wisdom because the character in the comics is a British intelligence spy and wears a similar suit and black tie.

But we can’t know for sure until Deadpool 2 hits the theaters with a bang on May 16. One fun fact before you leave, Rob Delaney who plays the character actually lives in London with his family. Though that might be a mere coincidence, we can’t know for sure.

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