Rick Harrison, the spotter of the hit reality show, Pawn Stars, has really made a name among the viewers with his easy on eyes persona. The star, who is already highly successful and has a huge dedicated fan base, is on his way to expand his business.

New Store Rick’s  Picks

The Gold and Silver Pawn Shop, which he co-founded back in 1989 with his father, Richard Benjamin Harrison aka The Old Man, has collected some of the enthralling items. He is opening a new shop, Rick’s Picks, where he will be featuring the rare and exhilarating items from his world famous pawn shop.

Rick Harrison wearing a black t-shirt with a smile on his smile

The new store will focus on items like dinosaur skeletons, antique artwork, firearms, sports items, meteor pieces and rock memorabilia. To handle both of the businesses conveniently, the new store will be at Pawn Plaza just next door to the Gold & Silver Pawn Shop.

A lot of thoughts has been put in on the shop displaying less expensive stuff in the front and the significant one at the back. Rick, who always vouches for the educational value of the show, will also be presenting information about each item in the shop.

The one corner of the shop is utilized to honor The Old Man, who took his last breath on June 25 after a long battle with Parkinson’s disease. People, you can check in Rick’s Picks as it will be inaugurated in about two weeks.


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