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5 Unknown facts about Pawn Stars Olivia Black you never knew

The fans of History Channel’s high-rated show, Pawn Stars might remember Olivia Black as the night shift worker in the Gold & Silver Pawn Shop. Her appearance in the Pawn Stars in the fifth season kind of created buzz among the viewers. To train her, Chumlee took her under the wing working double shifts.

She is the first female to appear in the male cast dominated show. Her inclusion in the pawn shop was quite exhilarating for the viewers, and that made her fan favorite in no time. Despite the growing dedicated fanbase, fans only got to see her for a season. We got to know very less about her in the reality series, but certainly, there are a lot of facts, which are left to be uncovered. So, here we are to unveil 5 lesser known facts about Olivia. 

No tattoo on stomach

Olivia Black looks stunning in white crop t-shirt

While making the very first appearance in the show, the first thing that viewers noticed about Olivia was obviously her tattoos. She has inked her different body parts, but guess what, she has spared the stomach, as she has a plan on having kids. Out of all her tattoos, the one on her thigh is her favorite. She got that one as a tribute to her grandfather who passed when she was 6.

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Not fired  by the direct boss

Pawn Stars' Olivia Black is standing right outside a building. She is looking away from the camera as her left hand is slightly lifted up in the air. She is wearing a sky blue shirt which is tied in a knot at the bottom.

Olivia was supposedly doing pretty well at her job. With that, she was also making her way to the pinnacle of success. Everyone loved her; she was funny gorgeous, and most importantly she knew how to handle the business. Reports have it that; she was shown the exit door by the producers after her association with the adult movie industry came to their knowledge. Her sudden dismissal from the show came as a shocker to both owners and the fans. The shop owner Rick told Fox 411

I never fired her. She is out there doing her own things now. It’s just the production company that didn’t want her working there anymore. What she does in her personal life is her business.

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Embracing past life

Olivia Black standing with a wide smile in front a vintage car

Olivia has been quite vocal about her adult modeling career. Within a few days after she was fired from the show, she returned to her former profession. During a Ask Me Anything session on her Reddit account, she said,

I have always been comfortable with my body and found nude photography as an artistic outlet.

As of now, she is relishing her dream as an adult model.

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Queer not a lesbian

Olivia Black shares a joyous time with her lesbian wife, Maria Plaza. The two are sitting next to each other wearing a same green attire. They are surrounded by balloons. Olivia is trying to blow up the balloon while her wife is holding her hands.

Olivia is open about her relationship with chef Maria. They have been married and are living together for more than a year now. However, she doesn't consider herself a lesbian. Rather, she believes herself to be queer. 

She took a screenshot of a couple of tweets and uploaded on her Instagram account with a caption,

I may consider myself to be Queer and not Lesbian. ‬‪But I still fight with many other amazing individuals to legitimize and safely be able to love whomever I love. ‬‪This is not a joke. Do not attack me and attempt to make me look dumb for your ignorance.

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Runs an online adult shop

Olivia Black posting about her first meet with her wife, chef Maria

Olivia and her wife Maria run an online adult shop. The couple also runs a YouTube channel, Miss Olivia Black, which has over 3400 subscribers. They sometimes even use these platforms to answer the question of the fans by doing live segments. 

Was it right to fire Olivia because of her past? Mention your thoughts in the comments below.


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Name Olivia Black
Profession Reality Star
Birthday October 17, 1985
Age 35 Years Old
Best Known For Pawn Stars
Marital Status Married
Partner Maria Plaza